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  • Weekend at Otis Mountain Get Down

    otis mountain get down 2013

    otis mountain get down 2013-9

    All through August I’d been getting the itch to do some bike camping but was booked solid every weekend. Like many of you I’m sure, I had ambitious plans for the Saga and camping this summer but only got out for a handful of trips. With the camp-able weather in Vermont dwindling faster than Garfield can find pizza, I knew I had to get out there soon. Luckily, a few crazy friends of mine decided halfway through the summer that they wanted to throw a music festival in the Adirondacks: The Otis Mountain Get Down.

    The Get Down took place this past weekend, September 13-15 in Elizabethtown, NY – about 40 miles from Burlington. Now I’m not much of a festival type, in fact, I’ve never been to a music festival before. I had never heard of any of the bands on the bill either, except a couple friends who were DJing. But how can you turn down a weekend long camp out, especially when all your best friends are going?  I wasn’t about to miss this.

    I took Friday off in anticipation of  some absolute last minute packing (which actually wasn’t the case, this time) and to give myself ample time to get across the lake before sundown. While I did indeed pack the night before, I still had a number of errands to run that morning, so I didn’t leave Burlington ’til around 2 PM.

    Getting to the Essex-Charlotte ferry was cake. Once I hit New York though, sheesh, the hills started to take their toll on me. I still made it to Otis mountain by 5:30 or so, and that’s with a few stops along the way. I even rode the last few miles with a bunch of beer and 2 gallons of water that I somehow managed to strap to my overloaded bike.

    The festival itself was great! I enjoyed the majority of the music and I got to hang with so many friends I seldom get to see. Plus, I was outdoors for a whole 48 hours which doesn’t happen enough these days. I also got to ride back with my good buddy Matt, another friend I hadn’t seen in ages.

    Make sure to check out the narrated photos from the trip below!


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  • Brian Vernor: How’s Your Weekend Looking?

    brian vernor

    I love this recent shot of Brian Vernor bike camping out in California. Now that the warm weather has arrived, I hope to do a fair amount trekking and camping; this shot couldn’t be more motivating.

    Happy spring


  • Mayfest & Bike Camping Round 1

    Culture Cycles Bike Camping

    Culture Cycles Bike Camping

    I really hope everyone had the chance to spend some time in the saddle this weekend. The weather in Vermont was absolutely perfect, making for a perfect weekend to get out of town and do some camping. Saturday morning I loaded up the Soma Saga with a couple panniers and with my Slumberjack tent and Hunt and I headed south. We were on a mission get to Mayfest, an annual outdoor party about 30 miles south of Burlington and wanted to get there early for beer and hot dogs.

    We left Burlington around noon, which put us in for some heat and high sun. I wore my new Search and State jersey and kept surprisingly cool, especially it being all black, though I did apply sunscreen for the first time in a while – so that definitely played a part. I highly recommend wearing some if you don’t already, especially if you get late starts like us. The ride was just shy of 27 miles, mostly dirt and had a fair amount of climbing for the distance (about 2050 feet) making me really feel the extra weight I was carrying – but in a good way. I’m really happy with how the Saga handles (pictured below). This was my first time running some real weight and the 26″ wheels felt incredibly stable, even at high speeds and on dirt/gravel descents. I just need to remember not to take turns too sharp, I nearly laid my one pannier out hanging a hard right.

    After getting back on to some pavement, we made a quick stop for some snacks and a cola and then rolled back onto dirt for the last 7 miles. Upon arriving, I downed a quick beer and dog and started scoping potential grounds in the tent city. The tent went up quickly, and before I knew it the kegs were tapped, music was going, there was some heavy barbecuing, a large pallet fire, and eventually some live music. Didn’t snap any party photos, I never trust myself with nice things (cameras) in these situations. Check out a few photos I did manage to grab below. Hope everyone had a great weekend, any tales of good weekend riding?


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