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  • Vanmoof Boncho Bike Poncho


    As a year-round commuter for nearly 10 years now, I’ve come to embrace the crappy weather, rainy days and unpredictability that comes with bicycle commuting. Over the last decade, I’ve pretty much dialed-in my gear; waterproof or high top shoes, rain pants, a rain jacket and some gloves.

    Until moving here, I’d never seen people in ponchos like these…but here, they’re the norm. On a rainy day, you’ll see countless people on scooters and bicycles with ponchos similar to this one from Vanmoof, navigating the roads and bicycle lanes looking like Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde from Pacman.

    The Boncho Bike Poncho is a sure upgrade from the ponchos you’ll find in Family Mart or Lawson’s…I mean, that should go without saying. The extended cut allows you to cover your handlebars, helmet and rear-end, while still folding to a packable size. Head on over to the Boncho Kickstarter for more info.