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  • Factory Five Tuesday Night Group Ride

    factory five night ride

    This past Tuesday was the first chance I got to go on the infamous Factory Five group ride and sheesh, I was blown away. I’d guestimate a little over 300 heads showed up the ride, all on various types of bicycles; track, fixed, road, hybrid and even mountain bikes were all present and in solid numbers. I rode my new F550.

    We met up at the shop around 8:30 for a 9 PM departure, taking us all over the city. One of the best parts of finally getting a bike to ride in Shanghai is getting my bearings and a sense of direction. For my first two months here, I had no idea where anything was let alone what general direction I needed to be going. Since then, I’ve been out almost every night getting my spin on, doing some exploring and spot hunting. I said it a while back, but stay tuned for some detail shots of my new whip in the coming days!


  • Night Riding


    fat biking at night 2

    I forgot to check the weather for Monday and ended up leaving work with 3+ inches of fresh snow on the streets. My ankle has finally been feeling good enough to do some light activity, so I figured a little cruise around BHS was in order. The snow was nice and light, barely tracked too. No matter what you’re riding, I’d recommend getting out and enjoying the new snow.



  • Mt. Philo Fun

    mt philo vermont

    A shot from riding Mt. Philo the other day with James, Shaun and Jon. The view is more than worth the climb, that’s for sure.