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  • Spring Cleaning: Disassemble to Assemble

    As spring weather quickly approaches, what better way to embrace the warmer weather than to overhaul your bike? Today might be the first day of spring, but I know I won’t be busting out the Gan Well for at least a few more weeks. We just got six inches of snow over the last two nights, extending studded tire season and making for a messy commute and salty roads. Oh how I can’t wait for 70s and sun. Thanks to Michele Colucci from Italy for sending this video in…it’s getting me hyped to get my bikes ready for spring.


  • Cycles d’Autremont Shop Photos

    cycles d'autremont

    Accompanying the recent launch of the Cycles d’Autremont website, Hubert posted up some photos of his amazing workspace right here in Burlington. Check out a couple more below and see the full set at Flickr.


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  • Workspaces: Making It Work

    Workspaces: Making It Work  SONY DSC

    Most of the time I like to keep a tidy living room, but sometimes, my bikes need a little TLC. Since my basement sucks, I make do with my dinner table and set up right here. If you happened to catch my first workspaces post you’ll remember how ideal it was: basement spot, equipped with a vice, room for all my tools, plus my roommate had a truing stand.

    This time around I was installing a Deore crankset and BB on my Soma Saga. If you’ve got a solid spot that you like to wrench, feel free to email me. I’d love to keep this workspaces theme going. Oh yeah, and if you’re looking for an Ultegra 9 speed triple – email me.


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  • Workspaces Part II

    bicycle work shop

    A friend and former co-worker sent me an email earlier reminding me of one of my favorite posts: workspaces. Chris McCown and I wrenched together for a couple years here in Burlington and he’s since moved to New Hampshire, living free and all. Here’s a shot of his personal workspace with his Independent Fabrication Planet Cross in the stand. Thanks for the photo Chris!


  • Signal Cycles Shop

    signal cycles

    photo via Signal Cycles

    I love seeing photos like this, getting a glimpse of others workspaces is always inspiring. I came across this photo of Signal Cycles workshop and it reminded me of the Flickr group “Bike Hovels” a reader mentioned when I shared a photo of our workshop. Got a shop, home space, or “hovel” you’d like to share? Just shoot us an email!


  • Workspaces

    basement bike workshop

    As I might have mentioned earlier, I’ve just moved across town again to the south end and couldn’t be happier. Living downtown is great if you’re a college student but the appeal quickly wears off – especially with how loud it was getting certain nights. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a good-time and getting buckwild with friends, but living in the “thick of it” was getting a bit stale. Moved in with my buddy Dan here and one of the best perks so far has to be the basement workshop he’s put together. I shot a few photos while I was down there last night swapping the cranks on my Van Dessel.

    How many of you have home work spaces? I’d love to see what your home shop looks like so if you’ve got photos shoot them over to! Happy winter wrenching.

    See a couple more below.


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