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  • Bikepacking the Mongolian Steppe

    This is a really good watch. Being in China and having a few friends who are of Mogolian decent, I’ve always been curious about what it would be like to ride around Inner Mongolia, especially on a bikepacking trip.

    Funny thing is, as I was making my usual rounds online I came across this video from Jay Ritchey of Jay Bird Films titled “Bikepacking the Mongolian Steppe” and immediately decided to check it out.

    If you’ve got the time, I suggest you do the same. Even if you’re busy with work, make sure to bookmark this one and give it a watch.

  • While Out Riding

    while out riding blog (1)

    while out riding blog (2)

    Adam of Cycle EXIF posted a link to this amazing blog on Facebook earlier, and I’ve literally spent the last 45 minutes reading about the epic bikepacking adventures on While Out Riding. The site features some stunning photography, and documents personal bike journeys from Prudoe Bay, Alaska and bike adventures throughout the American back roads. If you’ve got the time, I suggest reading about their most recent 250-mile Coco-di-loco mountain bike / bikepacking adventure in 4 days.