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  • Blackburn Design: The Great Basin Ride

    Blackburn Design‘s latest film, The Great Basin Ride, an adventure story that showcases the plains of Wyoming’s Red Desert through one epic bike ride.

    This documentary-type film features two brave rangers and good friends, Katie and Laura who take on this journey with fearless commitment. Though scarce water and fierce winds prove to be challenging obstacles, both rangers successfully travel from Banff, Alberto to Antelope Wells, New Mexico, one pedal stroke at a time.

    This is one of those trips that I’ve been dying embark on. Thanks to Katie and Laura for the inspiration!

  • Blackburn Unveils Mountain Bike Specific HV Floor Pump

    blackburn mountain bike pump

    Being a longtime fan of Blackburn products, I’m more than happy to share one of their latest products with you: The Chamber HV Floor Pump, specifically made for mountain bikes. Now I know what you’re thinking, “why do I need a pump specifically made for mountain bikes?”. Well, you don’t really…but there are certainly some well-thought-out features, especially at the price-point.

    Starting off, you’ll notice that this pump only does 50 PSI. For a pump that you’ll probably keep in your car and use solely for mountain bikes, that’s more than enough power. The Chamber HV Floor Pump is also equipped with a 47″ hose, making it easy to top up your tires while your bike(s) is still on your car’s back rack. One you’re done shredding (or before, depending on your style), you’ll really appreciate the built-in bottle opener for those post-(or pre)ride refreshments. Take all those  features, wrap them in camo and you’ve got yourself a solid pump worthy of any trailhead.

  • Blackburn Grid 13 Multitool


    A multi-tool is one of those “buy nice or buy twice” items. Buy a cheap one, and it’ll let you down when you need it most (the farther you are away from home, the more likely).

    While I don’t personally own a Blackburn Grid 13, I’m a huge fan of Blackburn’s gear and had to pass this release along. With 13 tools packed into a small and portable body, it’s sure to get you through whatever trail/road side mishaps you might have. Oh, and it’s under 20 bucks.

    Features include:

    • “L” Bend to get into tight places
    • hex
    • 2.5mm hex
    • 1.5mm hex
    • 3mm hex
    • 5mm hex
    • 6mm hex
    • 8mm hex
    • Flathead screwdrivers
    • T30 Torx
    • T25 Torx
    • Disc pad spreader
    • Presta core remover
    • Bonus: Bottle opener

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  • Blackburn Central Series Lights

    Central 100 Front Lght (1)

    blackburncentral-2 blackburncentral-3 blackburncentral

    A good set of lights for your bike is something that every regular cyclist should own. They’re just as important as a good set of tires on your commuter bike, and even more essential during the fall and winter months. The Blackburn Central 100 front and 20 rear have just been released and are looking to be a pretty promising option for keeping you safe and seen during those evening jaunts or early morning commutes. Also, they’re rechargeable via USB – so you’ll never have to fiddle with replacing batteries or running to the store for some AAA’s. Head on over to Blackburn to see the full specs on the Central 100 front and Central 20 rear.

    PS – I’m still alive. I’ve been out of town for a few days and taking a little vacation in Moganshan, China. Stay tuned for some updates and news this week as well as some photos from my trip.


  • Meet The 2014 Blackburn Rangers

    Man, this video from Blackburn has me thinking about moving back to the states and riding the Pacific Coast Highway or the Great Divide. Don’t get me wrong, Shanghai is awesome, but as I type this I’m experiencing a lingering cough that has been bothering me all morning and all of last night. The cough isn’t because I’m sick, it’s because I’m inhaling too much pollution. My coworkers in the office tell me not to worry and that it’s normal, but to me there’s nothing “normal” about it; especially moving to Shanghai from Vermont.

    Anyway, this post is about the latest Blackburn Ranger lineup for their “Out There” program which embodies the culture of adventure and give cyclists an opportunity to embark on crazy journeys along the Pacific Coast and the Great Divide. Check out the lineup of this year’s Rangers below and be sure to give this video a watch!


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  • Blackburn Central Trunk Rack Top Bag




    The good folks at Blackburn were kind enough to set me up with one of these Blackburn Central Trunk bags, designed to sit atop a rear rack. In the past, you probably wouldn’t catch me sporting such a bag since they’re usually a bit of an eyesore, but this Blackburn has done this rear rack bag right. The material is durable and even come with a rain cover for those messy commutes.

    The interior is compartmentalized with built-in mesh pockets, fleece-lined zipped exterior pockets and my favorite feature: customizable dividers. They’re much like a camera bag, which is perfect for me since I tend to carry a camera with me often.

    I’ll be sure to post some photos of this bag in the field. I’m in the midst of getting parts together for a new track bike, so stay tuned for that as well.


  • Be a Blackburn Ranger

    Man, if I wasn’t about to make the move of a lifetime to Shanghai, I’d be all over this. Are you looking to live the dream? How’s testing out prototype products from Blackburn while embarking on epic journeys sound? Have you ever wanted to ride the Great Divide or Pacific Coast trails? Well then continue reading below and learn how you can be one of the next 4 Blackburn Rangers. This is one of those amazing opportunities you simply don’t want to pass up. All the details are below – be sure to read more about being a Blackburn Ranger here.


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  • Blackburn Air Tower HP Pump Head

    Finally, a presta head that looks reliable with no lever to break off, a bleed valve and an ergonomic shape to help you pop off like a champagne cork- The Blackburn Air Town HP.  Saw this at Urban Velo and I’m ordering one tomorrow. So stoked. Thank you Blackburn.