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  • Chef’s Skate Plaza Vermont – Blotto Photto

    kyle burroughs

    If you’ve ever been to Vermont and know a thing or two about skateboarding, you’re familiar with the scarcity of skate spots. Between the brutal winters and the topography of the city, you’re pretty hard-pressed to find a decent plaza to skate, let alone some smooth concrete.

    Chef, a lifelong skateboarder and construction extraordinaire, built a little skate plaza just south of Burlington about 7 years ago. This summer a bunch of my buddies back home took a few trips to skate Chef’s plaza and Blotto went along to document the sessions.

    Blotto also wrote a pretty solid piece over at Manfrotto, so you’ll have to head over there to see more photos of this plaza and get the scoop. While you’re at it, make sure to have a look at some of Blotto’s photos.

  • Blotto: Skateboarding on Stowe Mountain With Kyle Burroughs

    KyleBurroughs_FourRunnerStowe_Blotto_9479-1024x681 KyleBurroughs_TollRoadStowe_Blotto_9881-1024x681 KyleEcho_SmugglersNotch_Blotto_9952-1024x681

    My good friend Kyle Burroughs has been busy filming for a new skate video coming out of Vermont, titled: “Bestevermont”. He, Stephen and our buddy / world-renowned photographer, Blotto, recently took a little hike up Stowe and captured these amazing photos. Kyle’s got some of the best style and pop in the game…I can’t wait to see how his video turns out this Fall. Hopefully I’ll have a clip or two in it also!

    Kyle is also a certified raw nutritionist and has an amazing chocolate company based out of Burlington, VT called Wholey Cacao. I couldn’t give a stronger recommendation to give his products a try.

    Thanks to The Good Life for the photos. Be sure to check out the rest of the set too!


  • Blotto: Feature Bike 30

    Blotto Hetchins Touring Bike

    p: Blotto

    “”This bike was custom built for John Freiden in October 1984. John was the founder of Vermont Bicycle Touring Company (VBT) in the early 1970’s. Freiden gathered a group of friends for a bike ride and an overnight at an inn. “I had this flash,” says the retired Middlebury College history professor. “People love Vermont. I could add a nice place to stay and provide mechanical support to take away people’s worries (while touring their bicycles).” Biking in cut-off dungarees and sneakers and without helmets, Freiden and his friends were the first Vermont Bicycle Tour. “That first year 75 people joined us,” Freiden says.

    Here’s another bike that’s been featured  before but I just had to share again. Blotto came by Old Spokes to shoot Glenn’s 1984 Hetchins touring bike and grab a quick interview. These shots sure came out great!

    Read the interview and see all the photos here.

    If you didn’t know, Blotto’s a legend in documenting snowboarding and has quite the collection of bicycles as well. Have a look at what he’s doing and see a bunch of bikes he’s photographed here.


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  • Beauties: Blotto’s Ohtaki NJS Track

    photos: Blotto

    Here’s one of Blotto’s former track bikes, a beautiful Ohtaki NJS track bike with Campagnolo Drop  Outs and Columbus Spirit Tubing. This is one sharp bike and I wish I could check it out in person again.

    EDIT: The frame is still for sale, shoot him an email:

    For more beautiful bikes to distract you from this rainy day, check out Blotto’s Feature Bikes.


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