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  • H.A.G.S. – Have A Good Summer, A Short Skateboarding Video via Shanghai

    Piggybacking on the Nuge bombing Baxter street, I figured I’d share a short skateboarding video that I just finished filming out here in Shanghai. The video, titled H.A.G.S., features a bunch of my buddies out here and was filmed over the last 5 months or so.

    Skaters featured: Edward Chang, Edan Qian, Brian Kleiber, Justen Snyder, Per Asplund, Alex Greenberg, Johnny Tang, Wang Di, Richard Specht, Mikey Cheah, Juhani Salo, Oscar Swales, Xu Zhao.

    My homie Jack Moore was kind enough to supply me with the illustrations for this video. Go grab yourself a tee shirt and some stickers from him:


  • The Cam Critic Interviewed Me

    mash sf elliott zelinskas

    By buddy Brandon recently launched a site that’s all about photography, videography and cameras. So far, he’s done a few camera reviews and comparisons and has conducted a couple interviews with my buddy Theo Paul Santana as well as Steve Peer of Phottix.

    About a month ago he reached out to me for an interview. Flattered, I graciously obliged and sent some words his way – check it out on The Cam Critic.

    Thanks BK!

  • Levi’s Skateboarding Now At FLY STREETWEAR


    Levi’s Skateboarding has officially landed in China. A little while back, my buddy Wang Di, Edan and myself went out to get some promo photos for Fly and Theo Paul Santana came along and shot the photos for the look book.

    We met up at Fly around 6:30, drank a few beers and then headed out to get some quick dinner before the night of shooting that was ahead of us. The day leading up the the shoot, Edan, my good homie and manager at Fly, hit me up with a few spots he thought would make a good photo. One of the spots he sent me was this perfect wallride, so I knew there was no pressure and that getting a usable photo would be relatively easy pending a hassle-free session. Wang Di didn’t really have a spot in mind, so we ended up at this bridge near The Bund, getting some “lifestyle” shots first.

    From there, it was off to get a photo of Wang Di first. We ended up way far off from the wallride spot I thought we’d be heading to; plus it was starting to get late. Wang Di stuck a few solid switch flips, then it was my turn. Instead of going to the original spot that Edan suggested, we ended up at this crazy looking marble wave with a decent gap.

    By the time I scoped it out, it was about midnight and the area was completely pitch-black. The only way I was even able see the start of the wave was thanks to a tiny LED light I had in my bag. I decided a boneless would be pretty easy and make for a quick photo, so I tried a couple and stuck one on the 3rd run up.

    Check out a few more shots below from the Levi’s Skateboarding Fall/Winter line and be sure to head on over to and Fly Streetwear if you’re in China!

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  • Shanghai Files 1

    Shanghai has been quite the trip so far. I’ve been living here for a month already and have been SO BUSY with work. For those who don’t know, myself and my two business partners run a skate shop here in Shanghai and also work with a number of schools doing after-school skateboarding programs; so things have been hectic, but very fun.

    We spent a couple nights filming after work and came up with this edit, Shanghai Files 1 – featuring John Sawchak, Brian Kleiber and Kevin Nevado. Keep an eye out for #2 coming soon, featuring more spots, homies and hijinx.


  • Recent ‘Grams!

    I don’t promote it much here, but I update my Instagram pretty regularly. Here’s a look at what I’ve been getting into the past couple weeks. Follow along for bike, skate and other random related nonsense.

    Happy hump day!


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  • Sh(r)edding the Stress

    brian kleiber

    I’ve really been in the mood shred mountain bikes lately. Unlike previous years, we haven’t had much of a mud season this spring – allowing for earlier access to all my favorite trails. However, I’ve been working overtime for months now and haven’t been able to ride as much as I’d like. It sucks. But the good news is that summertime is right around the corner and I anticipate my workload plateauing – at least I really hope it does. A PMA is the only thing that’s been getting me by. Well…that and skateboarding, of course.

    All work and no play is no good at all; this is a fact. As mentioned, I’ve been skating a bunch which helps offset my stress levels, but what I really need is a lung burning climb on the ‘ole mtb or a long dirt road ride to really clear my mental slate. Skating is great ’cause it’s usually a stress-free and social environment, often accompanied by beer drinking and great friends; all things that help to de-stress after a long day. Sure, cycling can also work wonders for my mental well-being, but I prefer to ride first thing in the morning before the day’s had it’s way with me. I find that I’m more inclined to explore and am better at torturing myself, especially if I haven’t already been doing so at a desk all day.

    Anyway, expect to see a bit more skate content making its way onto these pages in the weeks to come in addition to the top-quality cycling content you’ve come to expect from Culture Cycles. This shot above was taken by my good friend Tommy DeLitto at a spot here in Burlington – first try with this hurricane too!


  • Guest Blogging for Maglianero

    brian kleiber

    I hope everyone had a great weekend…I sure did (despite a rolled ankle). I spent the weekend down in the city for the fourth time in the last two weeks, visiting old friends, skating, drinking and enjoying the change of scenery. In case you’re wondering, the ankle roll occurred after a botched switch 180 down a long set, so Sunday was spent hopping around one-footed. I’m not mad though, this is the first time I’ve rolled an ankle in nearly 5 years, so my track record isn’t too bad.

    What this post was intended for was to let you know I’ll also be guest posting over on the Maglianero blog. If you’re not from the area, Maglianero is one of the best spots in Burlington scratch your coffee itch. They’re also a cycling-friendly cafe with a focus on what they’ve coined the “Modern Mobility Movement” which aims to bring together the community, coffee and cycling. They’ve even got an outdoor bike wash, indoor bike parking, a shower and other assorted accoutrements for the commuter cyclist.

    Check ’em out: Maglianero Cafe – Burlington, Vermont


  • JP’s Fly Montaña

    fly montana bmx bike (2)

    fly montana bmx bike (24)

    photos: Brian Kleiber

    I went out the other night after work to shoot some photos of JP Agorrea‘s freshly built Fly Montaña bmx bike. We met up as I got off work and headed down to the water, chasing what day light we had left.

    This bike is RAD. He’s got a nice mix of Fly, Odyssey, and Tree Bike Co bits, plus, that green mountain green is the perfect color for a bmx bike in Vermont.  I’ve been hyped to shoot this ever since he’d told me what was up his sleeve a couple months ago and sheesh, did the build come together nicely or what? See for yourself below (there’s a ton of photos).

    Also, be sure to visit Jason at Royal Cycles in Essex for all your BMX needs in Vermont!


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