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  • Brooks 150th Anniversary Saddles & Pickwick Backpack / Rucksack

    brooks rucksack

    In honor of their 150th anniversary, Brooks England has released a new set of anniversary saddles as well as a new Pickwick Backpack.

    The saddles have copper plated frames with hand-hammered copper rivets and black leather which displays their commitment to excellence and quality craftsmanship. The available models are the classic best-seller B17, the Flyer, B67 for city bikes, B33 for heavy duty, and the Swallow for racing all delivered with Special Edition packaging.
    The popular Pickwick Rucksack comes in all black with copper plated details and is a robust handmade bag made in Italy using a water-resistant cotton canvas and finished with vegetable-tanned leather details. Crafted from the highest quality materials by craftsmen with a lifetime experience.
  • Brooks Sea Otter Ride


    More from Sea Otter 2016! If you’re gonna be out at the Sea Otter Classic, be sure to swing by the Brooks Booth (135) and join them for a mixed terrain ride – road or cross bikes are recommended. Bring a helmet and don’t forget the hype!

  • Factory Five XCR Custom Touring Bike


    Damn, would you look at this thing? Talk about a beautiful bicycle that’s as functional as it is eye-catching. This custom built touring bike was just finished for a F5 customer who plans to spend the next few years trekking the globe; and what a fine machine to do so on. The frame is a custom-built  Factory Five Columbus XCR stainless steel touring frame and topped with a lovely mix of brushed and clear-coat finish. As you’ll see in the photos below, each and every cable is internally routed, which could be an advantage or drawback…depending on your preferences.

    As far as components go, it’s no holds barred; the bling level here is real. You’ve got a Dura Ace 9000 11 speed grouppo, H Plus Son Archetypes to a Supernova up front and Chris King in the rear, ENVE cockpit and saddle, Brooks C17 saddle, and an E3 Pro 2 headlamp & tail light. Oh, and don’t forget The Plug III.

    This is easily one of the raddest touring bikes I’ve seen in a while. While the STI shifters and 11-speed drivetrain would make me nervous while touring, they don’t detract from drool factor…this thing is supreme! Check out a few more shots below.

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  • Brooks Historical Timeline

    Brooks Saddle

    This is rad. Ever wonder just how much history is behind that hand-crafted Brooks you’ve been breaking in? They started out in 1865 and were awarded their first patent in 1882 for the sprung bicycle seat. By the early 1900s, a range of saddles were being produced as well as bags and accessories. Get filled in on the full story at the Brooks England Blog.


  • 2011 Brompton World Championships

    2011 Brompton World Championships

    A great little video on the Brompton World Championships. For some info and more photos on the race, head over to the Brooks England blog. This looks like such a good time!


  • Brooks: Islington

    Another bag from Brooks to be displayed at Bread and Butter. This one, while simliar in materials to the Hampstead Holdall, seems to function much better as a backpack, while it seems that you may sacrifice some space for comfort. It also includes a new cross strap system which achieves “a level of comfort previously considered unreachable.” For more, head to the Brooks Blog.

    “The Islington has been put together with similar materials to those used for the Hampstead Holdall, which we had a look at earlier in the week. It’s a bona fide big rucksack in terms of volume, but boasts such levels of adjustability on all sides that if travelling light, it will remain tight and snug to the rider’s back.”

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  • Brooks: Hampstead Holdall

    Brooks announces the Hampstead Holdall. A multifunctional bag designed to last.

    “The Hampstead is a versatile bag for everyday use. It is large enough to hold virtually anything you can carry, but can be attached to a standard rear rack or be worn as a rucksack…The Hampstead expands to mammoth proportions which are allowed by the adjustable straps which secure the bag at any size. The water-resistant treated cotton and foldable top ensure that your contents remain safe from the elements.”

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  • 1976 Raleigh Supercourse

    I’ve posted a few photos of my Supercourse before, but I thought I’d share some more I just found from the fall when I was shooting with my buddy William’s 7D. I wouldn’t mind to have a few more days of riding in that weather.


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