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  • Brooks 150th Anniversary Saddles & Pickwick Backpack / Rucksack

    brooks rucksack

    In honor of their 150th anniversary, Brooks England has released a new set of anniversary saddles as well as a new Pickwick Backpack.

    The saddles have copper plated frames with hand-hammered copper rivets and black leather which displays their commitment to excellence and quality craftsmanship. The available models are the classic best-seller B17, the Flyer, B67 for city bikes, B33 for heavy duty, and the Swallow for racing all delivered with Special Edition packaging.
    The popular Pickwick Rucksack comes in all black with copper plated details and is a robust handmade bag made in Italy using a water-resistant cotton canvas and finished with vegetable-tanned leather details. Crafted from the highest quality materials by craftsmen with a lifetime experience.
  • Brooks Sea Otter Ride


    More from Sea Otter 2016! If you’re gonna be out at the Sea Otter Classic, be sure to swing by the Brooks Booth (135) and join them for a mixed terrain ride – road or cross bikes are recommended. Bring a helmet and don’t forget the hype!

  • Brooks England’s 150th Birthday Celebration: Dashing Bikes


    This year, Brooks England is celebrating their 150th birthday…which is incredible if you ask my. There aren’t many companies in cycling that have been around that long, especially without changing too much.

    To celebrate their 150th anniversary, Brooks has teamed up with a number of bicycle builders from all over the world to work on their interpretation of “Brooks Bicycle”, creating a project called Dashing Bikes. These bicycles will be produced in limited numbers and sold worldwide.

    The theme uniting all these bicycles is “copper”. Copper is elegant, versatile and is almost synonymous with the Brooks name.

    Pictured here is a Canyon Bicycles commuter. Learn more about this project on the Brooks England Blog.

  • Brooks Femto Lights

    brooks femto light

    The Femto light is latest product from Brooks. It’s a set of front and rear LED lights that sit in distinctive copper-colored housing and are easily installed or removed with the help of a durable rubber band and clip. These lights are small enough to stash in your pocket, yet bright enough to ensure you’re seen at night. Produced in part with Lezyne, you already know these are gonna be quality. Stay tuned as I’ll be putting a Femto light through it’s paces here in Shanghai in the coming weeks; review coming soon.

  • Brooks Historical Timeline

    Brooks Saddle

    This is rad. Ever wonder just how much history is behind that hand-crafted Brooks you’ve been breaking in? They started out in 1865 and were awarded their first patent in 1882 for the sprung bicycle seat. By the early 1900s, a range of saddles were being produced as well as bags and accessories. Get filled in on the full story at the Brooks England Blog.


  • Nocturn

    Nocturn Bicycle Race

    London Nocturn

    The Nocturn is a night time street race in London which attracts an unbelievable amount of spectators and bicycles of all different sorts. It looks like an amazing time too. See full coverage at the Brooks England Blog.


  • Brooks: Retro Ronde

    Brooks Retro Ronde

    Retro Ronde

    The Brooks folks headed out to the Retro Ronde this year again and have some great coverage over at their blog; not to mention excellent photos. Have a look here.

    “The Retro Ronde has been going since 2007, and Brooks is once again an enthusiatic sponsor of the event. Participants ride their choice out of two routes; the 40km “Jaunt”, or the slightly more taxing 70km “Cold, Wet Hell on Two Wheels”. Though maybe those could be translated differently; our Flemish is a little rusty.”


    few more photos below.

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  • Cyklar! Exhibition at Vandalorum

    Have a look at the Cyklar (Swedish for bike) exhibit at the Swedish art and design foundation Vandalorum. This is the first show to take place there too and that’s 13 year’s after establishing the foundation. The Brooks England Blog has a great write-up and photos to accompany it.