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    Sheesh! Talk about a busy past week and a half…

    I just wanted to let you know I’m not crappin’ out on you guys…work and life have been eating up more of my time than usual over the past couple weeks, thus the posts on CC have been bottle-necked for the time being. Plus, by the time I get home from riding at night (when I can’t get out in the mornings), it’s already almost bedtime. Last night I went mountain biking out in Hinesburg, stopped for a beer & burger in town and didn’t walk through my bedroom door ‘til well after midnight, after leaving for work that morning at 8.  Stay tuned though, I’ve got a couple awesome product reviews I’ve been meaning to post, some more beautiful bicycles, videos and some riding photos that’ll all make their way up over the weekend & early next week. Thanks for sticking with us!