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  • Velo Cult | Caffe Calabria Coffee: Eddy Perckx & Fausto Cuppi

    Velo Cult Caffe Calabria Coffee

    I like my coffee. I’m not one of those people who consistently drinks 5-8 cups  throughout the day, but I’ll definitely admit to having my binges. So when I saw this new Velo Cult and Caffe Calbria Coffee I got pretty excited and made a note to have some Eddy Perckx shipped my way. Read more and get yours here.

    “Eddy Perckx Blend

    A unique balance of Central American & African Beans.
    Balanced, Bright, Sweet

    Fausto Cuppi Blend

    A smooth blend of four beans from four continents. South America, Central America, Africa, and Indonesia.
    Rich, Complex, Cocoa”