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  • Mayfest & Bike Camping Round 1

    Culture Cycles Bike Camping

    Culture Cycles Bike Camping

    I really hope everyone had the chance to spend some time in the saddle this weekend. The weather in Vermont was absolutely perfect, making for a perfect weekend to get out of town and do some camping. Saturday morning I loaded up the Soma Saga with a couple panniers and with my Slumberjack tent and Hunt and I headed south. We were on a mission get to Mayfest, an annual outdoor party about 30 miles south of Burlington and wanted to get there early for beer and hot dogs.

    We left Burlington around noon, which put us in for some heat and high sun. I wore my new Search and State jersey and kept surprisingly cool, especially it being all black, though I did apply sunscreen for the first time in a while – so that definitely played a part. I highly recommend wearing some if you don’t already, especially if you get late starts like us. The ride was just shy of 27 miles, mostly dirt and had a fair amount of climbing for the distance (about 2050 feet) making me really feel the extra weight I was carrying – but in a good way. I’m really happy with how the Saga handles (pictured below). This was my first time running some real weight and the 26″ wheels felt incredibly stable, even at high speeds and on dirt/gravel descents. I just need to remember not to take turns too sharp, I nearly laid my one pannier out hanging a hard right.

    After getting back on to some pavement, we made a quick stop for some snacks and a cola and then rolled back onto dirt for the last 7 miles. Upon arriving, I downed a quick beer and dog and started scoping potential grounds in the tent city. The tent went up quickly, and before I knew it the kegs were tapped, music was going, there was some heavy barbecuing, a large pallet fire, and eventually some live music. Didn’t snap any party photos, I never trust myself with nice things (cameras) in these situations. Check out a few photos I did manage to grab below. Hope everyone had a great weekend, any tales of good weekend riding?


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  • While Out Riding

    while out riding blog (1)

    while out riding blog (2)

    Adam of Cycle EXIF posted a link to this amazing blog on Facebook earlier, and I’ve literally spent the last 45 minutes reading about the epic bikepacking adventures on While Out Riding. The site features some stunning photography, and documents personal bike journeys from Prudoe Bay, Alaska and bike adventures throughout the American back roads. If you’ve got the time, I suggest reading about their most recent 250-mile Coco-di-loco mountain bike / bikepacking adventure in 4 days.