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  • Cannondale New Road – Slate Suspension All-Road Bike

    Canondale is taking a completely new path here and I couldn’t be more excited with where it’s leading. A couple days ago, they released this teaser titled “New Road. Clean Slate.” Next, John Watson at The Radavist posts a some photos of a quick ride upon Cannondale’s Slate All-Road bike.

    This bike isn’t a race bike, but that’s not to say it would have you hauling ass…you’ll just be doing so among an endless variety of surfaces. With 650b / 27.5 wheels, you can squeeze a 42mm tire in the frame and expect a spirited ride due to the equivalent 700×22 rollout of this combo. Toss in the 30mm Lefty fork and you’ve got yourself a rig to be reckoned with.

    Here’s part 1 & 2 of the Cannondale New Road. Major shout-out to my buddy Dave Devine! You’re killing it!