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  • Necessities: My Cetma 5-Rail Front Rack

    cobi_kleiber-6cetma 5 rail front rack

    If there’s one piece of equipment that’s really changed my bicycle’s capabilities, it’s the 5 Rail Front Rack from Cetma. Since adding one to my Factory Five F550 about a year ago, I can confidently say that my life has improved; especially  when it comes to grocery shopping and heading out on skate missions. I spend 3-4 days a week out skating and filming, getting the worst back pains from carrying a heavy camera bag all day while skating. Since getting myself a Cetma rack, I’ll now simply strap my board and Chrome Niko bag to the rack using bungee cords and roll from spot to spot. Not only is my back much happier, I arrive at each spot with a head start on warming up. I also no longer have to deal with dragging all my gear through the metro.

    With summer right around the corner, the 5-rail rack will be getting even more use. During the winter months, I don’t really mind carrying a backpack as it keeps me a bit warmer. Though in the warmer weather, my stance on backpacks is the opposite; I avoid them at all costs even though I end up carrying the same amount of gear. When you’re already getting sweaty from riding the last thing you want is extra weight and sweat on your back. The solution? Strap whatever you’re carrying to the rack and cruise in comfort!

    The Cetma 5-Rail is a breeze to install and remove as well. In the time it takes to change a tube, you can either install or remove your rack…though I just keep mine on at all times. If your main ride is lacking cargo carrying capabilities and don’t want to go the pannier/rack route (or your frame is lacking the eyelets), then you should take a good look at the offerings from Cetma.