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  • WD-40 BIKE Lube & Cleaners

    wd-40 bike

    Looks like WD-40 has finally created a line of bike-specific lubricants and cleaning agents known as WD-40 BIKE. I’ve never been one to use the traditional formula on my bicycle, though it’s nice seeing a major brand respond to the growing popularity of cycling. The original WD-40, also known as Water Displacement 40th Formula, was originally created in 1953 and intended to (as the name implies) displace moisture – a KPI of any good chain lube. However, after spending a decade working for shops/manufacturers, I’ve found this common household aerosol to mostly attract dirt and gunk up your chain. Perhaps it’s because the original formula wasn’t designed to withstand the constant friction and heat from a frequently ridden chain; or maybe it’s an instance of improper application (i.e. not wiping down the excess). Regardless, I haven’t sprayed a chain with the stuff since I was probably 12 or 13 years old and at that point all I wanted to do was build dirt jumps and ride mountain bikes. So my bike was bound to be a mess. I’m curious to see how this stuff performs, shoot me an email if any of ya’ll pick some up.

    Developed over a span of 12 months via collaboration between WD-40 scientists, professional bike mechanics and independent bicycle retailers, the WD-40 BIKE line was designed for maintenance-minded and discriminating cycling enthusiasts. The line will be featured in bicycle retailers across the United States.

    Lookout for these guys at Interbike this year.



  • Chain-L No.5

    The best winter lube around, Chain-L No.5, goes on thick and doesn’t quit. Photos from, Aerodinamica.