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  • Chrome Truk Pro Review


    I’ll gotta admit it, I have a real affinity for SPD sneakers. After owning a couple pairs from other brands, I can confidently say that the Chrome Truk Pro shoes are a great contender among the numerous options out there. While these are probably my favorite looking of the bunch, there are a number of reasons as to why the Truk Pro’s have won me over.

    Starting off, the all-black is right up my alley. Remember: you can’t go wrong with black on black on black. I also love how much the toe cab reminds me of PF-Flyers. At first, I didn’t think there was anything reflective on these shoes. Well, I was wrong. Take a look above the red logo and you’ll see the stealthy reflective strip going around the upper heel. A very nice touch indeed; something that I didn’t notice for the first few days…(much more below)

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  • Chrome Industries: Bravo & Victor

    chrome bravo

    chrome victor

    Here are a couple new products from Chrome, the Bravo and Victor.

    The Bravo is a weatherproof rolltop bag that can handle your daily sundries, including a laptop, and still leave you room for a few grocery items on the way home. It expands to 40L, made in the USA and guaranteed for life.

    The Victor, which I’m really excited about, is small utility bag designed to keep your daily essentials all in one place. Often, like many commuters, I’ll find myself leaving the house and only bringing a lock, phone, wallet, tool roll, rain coat and lights. Nothing big enough to warrant a backpack or pannier, yet too many items to fit in your jeans. So a bag or the pannier is usually what I bring. This Victor has just enough room for these items and is small enough so that you’re not rubbing up on everyone in the bar with a large backpack. Also US made and guaranteed for life.

    Few more detail shots below.


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  • Chrome Bags: Kursk Pro Spd Shoe

    Introducing the new Kursk Pro from Chrome. The most unsuspecting cycling shoe ever. Put to test in the dead of Winter by Cycle Hawk messengers in New York City. Available now.