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  • New Clementine Courier Site!

    One of my best buds Josh and his gang at Clementine Courier just launched a new website, and damn, does it look amazing or what? Make sure to check out the new site, browse rider bios, and if you’re in the city and need something quick be sure to hit these guys up!


  • Clementine Courier Portraits & Photos

    8951839242_1a8b5ece4b_c clementine courier

    photos: Wilis Johnson

    My buddy Josh and I go way back, so it’s been nice to see him popping up around the internets these days. He and his crew of messengers at Clementine Courier recently had a little portrait session and these were a couple of my favorites. Check out the rest here – there are a ton of great shots.



  • Josh’s Cervelo Super Prodigy

    cervelo super prodigy

    Damn, I’m glad my buddy Josh finally joined Facebook. Josh has been one of my best buds for while, before he ever had any interest in bikes, let alone became a co-owner of a newly successful NYC bike messenger known as Clementine Courier. Before joining the underworld that is social media, we’d talk every month or so via telephone for hours (watch out man, I’ll be calling you soon)…both filling each other in on all the excitement (believe me, I can still find some in Burlington) and reminiscing about old high school memories. I’ve taken countless trips to the city, visiting friends, checking out shops, cruising with Josh…and whether it’s tagging along on his daily runs, or trying to shake morning sickness after a night of drinking, – he’s always positive and knows how to show his guests a good time.

    Anyway…I’m planning on getting down there to visit soon! Until then, here’s Josh Rovner’s newly built Cervelo Super Prodigy race bike, equipped for the extremes with a Campagnolo Super Record 11 grouppo among other choice bits…now only if I could get some more photos (cough, cough – you better still have this when I come visit). This beauty is pictured in front of King Kog – our friends down in BK.


  • Clementine Courier

    clementine courier

    My buddies Josh and Fox of Clementine Courier are the real deal – just look how much they’re moving! Every time I head down to the city I crash with Josh, a longtime friend and former schoolmate of mine and we’ll cruise every borough, all day long. It’s awesome seeing the crew grow, I hear you guys got 8 riders now? I need to get down there once this crazy winter passes. I can’t wait for spring.

    Read up on their day-to-day here.



  • Friends of Ours: Clementine Courier NYC

    My good friend Josh from NYC runs an awesome up-and-coming courier service, Clementine Courier and I just wanted to give him a strong shout-out. If you’re around NYC and need something fast hit them up online or call 917-681-3936 to order. See you in a couple weeks man.