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  • Doma Coffee: The Chronic & La Bicicletta

    doma coffee (2)

    doma coffee (3)

    Two weeks ago I came home to an amazing care package from the kind folks at DOMA Coffee Roasting Company of Post Falls, Idaho. I couldn’t have been more excited; not only because I happened to be out of coffee, but also because it’d been a while since I’ve felt like making coffee since I get a pretty decent brew at work for free. I have a feeling I’ll be brewing at home much more often now.

    All coffee from DOMA is certified organic and fair trade, including The Chronic and La Bicicletta blends. I’ve nearly finished off the pound of Chronic and it’s definitely up there with some of the best coffee I’ve had. No joke. Before I even opened up the mailer-package, my entire apartment already reeked of the “super dank”  beans. I’m no coffee snob, but The Chronic is a very flavorful roast with a more dynamic taste than what I’m usually drinking. They describe it as having hints of cocoa and walnut, and I’m surely noticing the cocoa. If nothing else, the packaging is rad – I’m definitely keeping these letter-pressed bags for the cork board once I’m through.

    Learn more about DOMA, their culture and the coffee on their site. Be sure to browse their variety of coffee blends too.


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  • Velo Cult | Caffe Calabria Coffee: Eddy Perckx & Fausto Cuppi

    Velo Cult Caffe Calabria Coffee

    I like my coffee. I’m not one of those people who consistently drinks 5-8 cups  throughout the day, but I’ll definitely admit to having my binges. So when I saw this new Velo Cult and Caffe Calbria Coffee I got pretty excited and made a note to have some Eddy Perckx shipped my way. Read more and get yours here.

    “Eddy Perckx Blend

    A unique balance of Central American & African Beans.
    Balanced, Bright, Sweet

    Fausto Cuppi Blend

    A smooth blend of four beans from four continents. South America, Central America, Africa, and Indonesia.
    Rich, Complex, Cocoa”