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    The new Colnago C59 Disc brake road bike has been stirring up quite the commotion lately. Many are skeptical of hydraulic disc brakes on a road bike, but I love seeing innovation like this. Sure, this is probably causing some old-school curmudgeons to roll over in their graves…but think of the benefits here. You’ll have a perfect excuse to spend way too much money on a new frame and set of wheels…not to mention brakes/shifters.

    I can see the argument of the wheels being faster (read:lighter), due to less rotational mass from the lack of a braking surface…although something tells me you’re not going to notice the difference. What do you think of think of this whole concept? I’m still still unsure of the need to make a completely simple machine slightly more complex for minimal gains. I mean I barely used my brakes when I was racing…