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  • Vanmoof Boncho Bike Poncho


    As a year-round commuter for nearly 10 years now, I’ve come to embrace the crappy weather, rainy days and unpredictability that comes with bicycle commuting. Over the last decade, I’ve pretty much dialed-in my gear; waterproof or high top shoes, rain pants, a rain jacket and some gloves.

    Until moving here, I’d never seen people in ponchos like these…but here, they’re the norm. On a rainy day, you’ll see countless people on scooters and bicycles with ponchos similar to this one from Vanmoof, navigating the roads and bicycle lanes looking like Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde from Pacman.

    The Boncho Bike Poncho is a sure upgrade from the ponchos you’ll find in Family Mart or Lawson’s…I mean, that should go without saying. The extended cut allows you to cover your handlebars, helmet and rear-end, while still folding to a packable size. Head on over to the Boncho Kickstarter for more info.

  • DUCKSINAROW Commuter Backpack


    Every now and then there’s a Kickstarter campaign that really catches my attention. With so many people out there abusing or taking advantage of crowd funding, it’s easy to tune out after hearing  “we just launched our Kickstarter…”,  am I right?

    As someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, lacking the “bootstrapability” some startup folks posses, I can totally stand behind genuinely good ideas like this one being crowd-funded. The gals over at DUCKS IN A ROW are onto something good here.

    Despite looking a bit like a turtle-shell, this bag’s design and construction appear to be top notch. I mean, would you expect anything less than a couple industrial designers who used to work for Manfrotto? I especially like that you’re able to easily strap it to your handlebars. Now that it’s the winter, I don’t mind riding with a backpack so much, but during the hot, sweaty summer months, getting the load off your back is ideal. I mean, the main reason I’m such a huge advocate of the Cetma 5 rail is simply due to the fact that I can strap my backpack or whatever to it (among much, much larger items). Twenty kilometers worth of daily commuting with a backpack gets old, really fast.

    Back in Vermont, I’d often commute with panniers – either on my Soma or Van Dessel. While panniers are amazing for 90% of my riding/commuting, they’re slightly inconvenient when you need to take them off and walk around; this is where the DUCKSINAROW commuter bags come in. Simply un-strap these badboys and you’ve got a backpack, perfect for waltzing around the market or whatever.

    While I’m not much of a leather guy (I like stuff I don’t feel bad destroying), I can really appreciate the look these backpacks have as well as the fact that they come with a rain cover. The transparent touch screen phone pocket is also great! This commuter backpack is chock-fulla details like this. So, if you’re liking what you see, head on over to the DUCKSINAROW Kickstarter and toss ’em a few bucks.

    Check out the bag in greater detail below.

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  • Chrome Truk Pro SPD Sneaker

    chrome truk pro

    chrome truk pro

    The good folks at Chrome have announced their latest SPD compatible sneaker known as the Truk Pro. This shoe is officially available today both online and at Chrome HUBS in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Portland. If you’ve been looking to try out a SPD sneaker for a while but have balked in the past, now is the time. These minimally-branded shoes are at home whether it’s on your daily commute or the pit stop for a pint on the way home. Constructed of a dual density sole and Cordura upper, these are designed to deliver comfort and durability.

    I’ll be testing out a pair myself over the next couple weeks, so stay tuned for my review on the Truk Pro. In the meantime, check out some more product shots below as well as the PR from Chrome.


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  • Awesome Weather

    bicycle and skateboard on a rack

    We had such great weather in Vermont the past few days. It was a little bit windy, but who can argue with 55 degrees and sun? I spent all day yesterday riding to different skate spots/parks – couldn’t pick just one activity (plus my road bike is currently in pieces). How’d your weekend go?

  • Winter Additions to the Bob

    country road bob e thirteen chain ring

    deore rear derailleur

    This bike is always changing. Early this fall I added a rear rack and started using panniers for everything from my daily commute to full-on grocery trips. Panniers are great. A weeks worth of groceries on a singlespeed in hilly Burlington, Vermont – plus studded tires, isn’t so great; so I 1×9’d my Van Dessel Country Road Bob.

    I had a Deore derailleur kicking around and a near new cassette, all I needed was a 700c/29″ rear disc wheel, which I got a great deal on at the Old Spokes Home. Since adding a range of speeds to my commuter bike, I find the often added-weight (from bags/groceries) in the rear to be an even more welcomed challenge. But all in all, it’s been a great change for the winter and makes for getting those 700x32c studs up to speed a bit easier.

    Have a look at a couple more shots of the winter setup below.


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  • Traffic Bikes: David’s Commuter

    traffic bikes david Downtube

    traffic bikes david

    With the snow taking its sweet old time to fully arrive here in Vermont, it’d be a good time to consider your winter ride. Traffic Bikes commuter – specially made for David,  has some of the most sought-after commuting features. A belt drive is something I’ve been wanting to experiment with since living and commuting through the salty/snowy winters here in Burlington and I’ve had a “thing” for Rohloffs since building a handful of mountain bikes w/ them.

    Last winter at The Old Spokes Home they had the opportunity to test the Gates Belt Drive in snow. The suggestion made was to add a raised spine (center track) on the chain ring and groove in the center of the belt so that it doesn’t slip to either side when it gets snowy. Read this review from a Minnesota Bicycle Commuter here.

    “David” from Traffic Bikes was built early last fall and  isn’t pictured with the new Gates system, but what a gorgeous yet practical all-season commuter…I’ve always wanted a Rohloff! This custom commuter bike from Traffic Bikes features Reynolds 953 tubing, a Phil Wood belt and drivetrain, and a custom stainless steel rack w/ all the fixins. See more photos below and at the Traffic Bikes Flickr.

    Also featured on Eco Velo.


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  • Huffington Post: Biking To Work

    Biking And Health
    Have a read through this infro-graph from The Huffington Post  – some really good statistics in there. I’ve been fortunate enough to live in a small city where commuting to work and errands never end up being more than a couple miles (which is nice ’cause Burlington winters get cold). How many of you are able to ride to work everyday?

  • Portland Design Works: Bicycle Lights

    It’s that time of year again; dark when you wake up and dark when you ride home. What better excuse to invest in some good bike lights though? I don’t currently own any Portland Design Works lights, but I’ve heard really great things and enjoyed this video. See what PDW has to offer here.

    For those wondering, my current setup is a Princeton Tec Eos up front and a Planet Bike Superflash Stealth tail light.