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  • Wit Industries Fendor Bendor 3

    The other night I went out for a midnight thrash on my track bike and was met quite the downpour. Ok, scratch that. It was absolutely pissing.

    I took refuge under a bridge for a while on my way to a bar, waiting for the downpour to pass. I don’t mind riding in the rain, but if I’m going somewhere where I’ll be surrounded by pretty girls, I’d prefer to not have a coon stripe of Shanghai street grime running up my rear. After the rain passed, I continued on my way to the watering hole simultaneously watering my uh, arse.

    Wit Industries has the perfect solution for situations like this: the Fendor Bendor 3. I’ll definitely be picking one up and stashing it in my bag for the surprise storm. Did I mention it’s foldable? Brilliant.


  • Feedback Sports Velo Hinge

    velo hinge feedback sports

    My buddies over at Feedback Sports were kind enough to send me a couple of their new Velo Hinge bike storage hooks and they’re looking great. I’ve been a fan of Feedback’s stuff for a while now and have yet to be disappointed with one of their products.

    Sure, you can always head down to your local hardware store and purchase some rubberized u-hooks, but they’re not nearly as clean looking nor as functional as the Velo Hinges. Sure, they both accomplish the same thing, but the Velo Hinge allows you to hang a bike and them pivot it for maximum space. Not gonna be using the Velo Hinge for a while? No problem, simply fold the hook down and you’ll hardly notice it was there in the first place; much better than staring at an empty protruding red, yellow or grey u-hook.

    As you may know, I’m in-between jobs and countries right now. I should be all setup in Shanghai by early March, but until then I won’t have a place to use these hooks. I do know, however, that space and efficiency is going to be of the essence while living in Shanghai and the Velo Hinge will be the perfect way for me to store my bike(s) while overseas. I’ll be sure to update you all with photos of the installation once I arrive in China. Until then, check out the Velo Hinge by Feedback Sports if you’re looking to upgrade your bicycle storage!


  • Shimano CM-1000 HD Action Video Camera

    shimano cm 1000 video camera

    With the success of the GoPro and newly released accessories for your cellphone such as the Hitcase, who would have thought that Shimano would join the growing action sports camera market? While I doubt the HItcase or the Shimano CM-1000 will be “GoPro killers”, I still think it’s nice to see some more options in the market.

    The CM-1000 is equipped with 16 megapixels and capable of full 1080p HD video. It’s also able to achieve either a 180 or 135 degree field of view and is compatible with both Android and iOS. Stay tuned for the CM-1000 to drop this May for about $300.


  • Velocity Deep V Clothes Hangers

    t700_097763224b7a0e5c49073744da7e3289 (1)

    What a brilliant idea from the folks at Velocity! These clothing hangers made from deep V rims are the perfect way to step-up your closet game and might even motivate you to hang your shirts up more often. Want some? Here: Velocity Clothes Hangers.




  • Burro Bags: Party Belt

    burro bags party belt

    Oh man, talk about the ultimate summertime accessory for you recreational endeavors. Burro Bags nails it with the Party Belt, giving you a six-shooter’s worth of spaces for your brews. Get yours here.



  • Road Popper: Bicycle Mounted Bottle Opener

    road popper bicycle mounted bottle opener

    road popper bicycle mounted bottle opener

    Here’s the next accessory you need to pick up for your commuter bike, the Road Popper – a bottle opener that clasps onto the rails of your saddle. A nice, discretely-mounted means to “pop bottles” on the go, just not too many.

    Grab one here.


  • Ahearne Cycles: Custom Flask Engraving

    Custom Flask Ahearne Cycles

    Are you one of those folks who likes to ride around with a flask? With the temperatures dropping day by day, this would make a great gift for your bourbon-loving, winter-riding cyclist! Head over to Ahearne Cycles to read up on the details and how to get your custom engraved flask going.


  • Dylan Bigby: Retired Belts