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  • Mosaic Cycles XT-1 Disc


    As the cool weather approaches, I’m getting the seasonal urge to go rip my scorcher or ‘cross bike through the intervale…only problem is: there’s no intervale in Shanghai, and both of those bikes are back in the states. So, the best I can do at the moment is live vicariously though new ‘cross bike builds that are popping up throughout the interwebs.

    This recent Mosaic Cycles XT-1 disc caught my eye. It belongs to Liz, the other half of Aaron, the head of Mosaic Cycles. With the Shimano R785 hydro Di2 disc, ENVE fork and cockpit, ENVE XC tubular rims, Clement tires and Fizik finshings, this bike is sure to look just as pretty covered in mud as it does in these studio photos.

    Have a closer look below.

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  • VANDEYK VDX Cyclocross Bikes


    VANDEYK is always taking things to the next level and their latest cyclocross bike is no exception. While it’s still stupid hot here in Shanghai (and probably will be for the next two months), the rest of the world is preparing for summer to come to an end and for fall to begin. I can’t wait for it to cool down around here. Anyway, VANDEYK just sent some photos of the VDX, their brand new cyclocross machine, and it sure does look good.

    For the development of the VDX, VANDEYK partnered up with up with Cyclocross authority Crema Cycles around ex-professional racer Ken Bloomer. Being handbuilt (TIG welded) from a well-selected blend of Columbus Spirit and True Temper Platinum OX high-end steel tubing, the frame is the timeless and racy core of this mud machine. The creative approach for the graphic design work is built around the “X” as a central theme, which is translated into the VANDEYK signature ‘machine code’ on the top tube and fork legs. Options include a Cantilever or Disc brake version, both built around the stellar carbon fiber forks from our friends over at ENVE Composites. Head tube options are 44mm or a more classic 1 1/8″ version. As usual at VANDEYK, the paintwork is executed in highest-grade liquid paint. The VDX is available as frameset including frame and fork.

    Be sure to check out this beautiful bicycle in full detail below and also head over to the VANDEYK website for more info.


    VANDEYK Machine For Riding

    VANDEYK Rapha Continental Bike

    VANDEYK Purple Blast Road


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  • Introducing Wraith Handmade Road and Cross Frames

    wraith fabrications bicycles

    You probably know Adam Eldridge from Stanridge Speed and the number of winning track bikes he’s built over the years. Well, Adam is pioneering a new project and expanding his repertoire with Wraith Fabrication, focusing on road & cyclocross frames. Make sure to have a look at the Hustle Road Frame and the Paycheck Cross frame!

    Adam Eldridge started building high performance custom bikes 5 years ago in Columbus, Ohio. His bikes have stood at the top step of the podium at the Red Hook Crit, as well as numerous road and cross events around the country. Wraith Fabrications is a new project, removing the barriers and obstacles for many customers. The wait time is gone, shipping is free, fit is free and stock sizing allows us to hand produce the frames with best possible Columbus tubing. We’re building these amazing machines right here in the USA and offering them for a fraction of the cost of not only upper tier far east pacific production steel frames but also every other made in the USA bespoke production frame made from comparable steel.

    “We want to have fun. Shred. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you’re on. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. Our machines are made here in the USA by hand. We’re celebrating the brotherhood. It’s about the ride. It’s about getting more folks on a crazy nice frame. We want to see where you ride. We want to hear about your adventures. It’s an honest, sincere desire to fit folks on the best bikes possible. No over design, just simple items made from the best materials available”. – Adam Eldridge – Owner of Wraith Fabrications –

    Both Road and Cross models are available, The road frame is complete Columbus Life with upgraded Life S-bend stays. The CX main triangle is Life and the stays are Zona S-bend. Both bikes include the newly released Columbus FEL 1.5 in tapered forks. Triple butted where its counts, Sexy where it matters, no corners are being cut in production. Closer examination revels industry firsts, such as, the specific bespoke aluminum internal cups in the Head tube. The price reflects Wraith’s commitment to the customer and not the margin, other brands charge twice as much for a similar frame. We are removing the ego and putting the rider first, building a production bike that performs all day long and performs like the custom bike built just for you.

    For more info, and to keep up with Adam & his projects:



  • Breadwinner Cycles – Holeshot Cyclocross

    breadwinner cycles

    breadwinner cycles holeshot

    The new Holeshot cyclocross bike from Breadwinner Cycles is looking great! A setup that’s equipped to rip with everything you need and nothing you don’t; including a lightweight steel tubeset and an ENVE Carbon fork. I’m really diggin’ this bike! The name also reminds me of my days at Van Dessel

    Check out more photos below and head on over to Breadwinner Cycles for more info.


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  • Mosaic XT-1 Cross by Above Category


    mosaic xt-1


    The guys at Above Category strike again! This Mosaic XT-1 recently built for Peter, their tech guru, is killer; the photos are pretty swell too. With a butted ti tubeset, 44 mm headtube and a solid build featuring an 11-32 range in the rear, this bike is setup to crush all in its path. Get a closer look over on the AC Blog.


  • My Bike Wants A Bath



    I accumulated a whole lotta crud on my bike over the last two weeks…time for a little wipe-down.


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  • Signal Cycles: Matt H’s Cyclocross Bike

    signal cycles cyclocross bike (1)

    signal cycles cyclocross bike (7)

    signal cycles cyclocross bike (6)

    Another beauty from Signal Cycles. Photos by John Watson aka Prolly Is Not Probably. I love those seat stays.


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  • Mosaic Steel Cyclocross Bike

    mosaic cycles cyclocross bike (1)

    mosaic cycles cyclocross bike (3)

    mosaic cycles cyclocross bike (6)

    Mosaic Cycles was established in 2009 by frame builder Aaron Barcheck out of Boulder, Colorado. He’s currently offering custom road, track, mountain and Di2 bicycles in titanium or steel. This Mosaic steel ‘cross bike here is a fine example of some of his work, check out the rest of his offerings here and be sure to browse the details below. Those gold Paul Neo-Retros are hot, now all this bike needs it some dirt!


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