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  • Gevenalle BURD Front Derailleur

    gevenalle front derailleur

    BURD – Blatantly Upgraded and Rebranded Derailleur. Sounds good to me. The folks at Gevenalle (formerly RetroShift) have released their latest addition to their cyclocross-specific grouppo: the BURD Front Derailleur. It’s a short cage derailleur to compliment the CX 1 and CX2 drivetrain system. Pair this up with the BURD rear derailleur and CX shifters and you’ve almost got yourself a fully ‘cross-specific group.

    The BURD front goes for $49 and comes with Gevenalle’s crash rebuild service which means for a mere $20 (including shipping), you can be back up and running should you thrash a little too hard and destroy a derailleur.

    If I raced ‘cross, I’d undoubtedly be destroying gear and definitely give these guys a look; if for nothing more than the $20 crash replacement deal. Good stuff, guys!


  • Wooden Campagnolo Derailleur

    wooden campagnolo derailleur

    This is absolutely incredible. A student and mechanic at Bicycle Pro Shop, Max Hoffman sculpted this beautiful wooden Campagnolo derailleur as a Sophomore at Evergreen State College. It’s carved from a small block of walnut and took nearly 50 hours to complete! See more on Max and this wooden derailleur at Bike Rumor.