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  • Irreverent Road Ride 5.0

    Attention Vermont (& beyond): If you ride bikes in Vermont, you might have already heard about the Irreverent Road Ride. If not, I’ll let this video explain it for you.

    Mark those calendars for July 30th and come out for the toughest, most rugged dirt road ride in the country.

    More info on the ride at Short Handled Shovel.

    If only my travel plans had me stateside for this…I’ll just barely be missing it. After 10 months of nearly zero off-road riding, there’s nothing I’d like more than to have my ass kicked for 120 miles by VT dirt roads.

  • Lovely Bicycle: Dirt Road Riding

    Dirt Road Cycling

    I’m about to be doing a whole ‘lotta dirt road riding. I saw this photo on Lovely Bicycle‘s photo album on Flickr and it got me thinking about where I’ll be riding my newly build Soma Double Cross later today (I‘ll share some photos soon). Read about the Lovely folk’s recent dirt journey here.