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  • I Was A Skate Rat – Drew Miller

    It’s not everyday that a 4-minute clip leaves such an impact on me. Really. With our dwindling attention span and constant search for instant gratification, it’s hard to filter the noise and let something to speak to you.

    I’ve been a skateboarder for 17ish years now. I’ve had many skate friends come and go; sheesh, I even gave it up for 4 years during high school since most of my friends had stopped skating. I never regretted this decision (not too much) because it allowed me to race bicycles full time – another part of me I can’t let go of and never will.

    The reason I even made it to China was thanks to skateboarding. I met some of the most pivotal people in my life through mutual love for a wooden plank with urethane wheels. Seriously. I’ve traveled alone, only to come home with new friends in new places…again, thanks to skateboarding. I’ve had some of the best times out here in China with friends I can barely communicate with, all because we share a love for something bigger than all of us. I don’t mean to nerd out like this, but this short film by Drew Miller really moved me and helped me to realize how fortunate I am to have taken this path in life.

    To me, this short is more about who skateboarders are and not what they do. Skateboarders are accepting. It doesn’t matter what you look like or how you skate…it’s about the love. It’s about knowing you can go to any city and easily connect with others, even if you can’t speak the language. It’s something not many people understand or ever will. Thanks to Drew Miller for helping tell the story countless people share around the world.