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  • DZR H20


    Damn, I need to get me a pair of these.

    The past few weeks it’s seemed like we’ve been hit with endless rain here in Shanghai. I think we’ve had rain at some point throughout the day for the last 12 days straight…not that I’m counting or anything. Back in the states I was spoiled with a dedicated commuter bike, outfitted with full fenders, a super long mud flap and mechanical disc brakes; so I would wake up and welcome the weather with open arms.

    Out here in Shanghai with a brakeless track bike, 20ish kilometers of daily commuting and a missing Ass Saver (where’d I put that thing?), venturing out in the pouring rain takes a bit more pre-prep. So, instead of buying a set of Raceblades and wearing a rain jacket, I’ve decided to further assimilate myself and wear a full-on fredsuit on the rainy days.

    The fluorescent orange suit is amazing in terms of staying dry and visible, however, my feet still get soaking wet. It’s not really an issue since I have a nearly endless supply of thrashed skate shoes, it’s more of an inconvenience carrying extra shoes and socks everyday.

    So, seeing the latest waterproof shoes from DZR got me pretty excited. I’m hoping to give these guys a go (if only I could find them available in China), as I’ve loved the last couple pairs of DZR shoes I’ve tried. Anyone out there already using the DZR H20‘s?

  • DZR & Cinelli Pedal Straps

    dzr cinelli straps

    These Cinelli & DZR pedal straps look pretty nice! Cop a set at Blue Lug.


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  • DZR Jetlag Nero SPD Sneaker

    dzr jetlag nero

    The folks at DZR have just released a new SPD compatible sneaker of the slip-on variety known as the Jetlag Nero, check out more here.

    SPD compatible slip, co-molded power plate with a metal reinforced Nylon shank, link traction outsole that allows traction and durability, stability upper that features a padded upper with a power strap that cradles the foot and offers a more secure fit.”

  • the DZR Shoes Task Collection

    dzr shoes task collection

    I’ve been running my DZR Minna‘s for about three months now and have nothing but praise for them; they’ve held up surprisingly well as I’ve put them through a fair amount of abuse. I really like the subtle styling of the shoe, but if you’re looking for something resembling even less of a cycling shoe, the folks at DZR have you covered with the new Task Collection:

    Introducing DZR’s new Task Collection offering 8 different styles and colors.  With added stability, traction and power transfer the Task Collection is DZR’s progression into a performance bases SPD shoe. Whether you take your aggressive riding to the dirt trails, polo courts, or speeding up your ride through the streets; the Task Collection 

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  • DZR Minna Review – Thoughts after three weeks

    dzr minna review

    Three weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a pair of the new DZR Minna SPD-compatible shoes / sneakers and have had a pretty great experience with them so far. I’ve been wearing the DZRs day in and day out; commuting to work, cruising my normal errands, heading into town and I even found myself spending a few full days at work in them (and not really noticing it).

    Style-wise, these carry a subtle sophistication – something I really admire in a shoe. The blackout colorway features multiple textures and fabrics which keeps things interesting and helps the shoe to accompany whatever you happen to be wearing. They’ve also got subtle reflective inserts on the backs of the heels to help with visibility, a detail I love cause I find myself riding at night quite often.

    In terms of performance, I’ve been really impressed so far. The sole is stiff in just the right area and allows the perfect bit of flex in the toe-box and heel areas (see photo). After wearing/walking in these for a couple weeks you’ll begin to feel where the plastic insert ends, but only while walking – they’re still nice ‘n stiff above my Atacs.

    A reader mentioned a sample he tried had issues with the sole coming unglued on a sample model he received. To me, this seems somewhat inevitable in due time since you’re required to cut out the sole yourself, but it’s also easily fixable/preventable. If you’ve got some tubular glue sitting around that you’re not busy sniffing, it might be worth sealing the sole with once you cut it to prevent any separation. If it comes separated, just clean and glue.

    So far so stoked. Some detail shots/comments below.


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  • DZR: Making of The Minna

    Been riding my DZR Minnas for since last Friday and I love ’em. See what goes into these  in this new video from DZR Shoes.