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  • Element Case Vapor Pro Review

    element case vapor pro review iphone 4

    element case vapor pro review iphone 4

    I got this Element Case Vapor Pro in the mail a while ago and just finally got my upgrade to an iPhone last week. For nearly 2 months I’d been waiting in anticipation to give this US-made case a try. Here I am, five days with it on the new phone and I couldn’t be happier. It’s made of airplane-grade black anodized aluminum and is a two piece design that attaches with 4 tiny hex screws, this being one of my favorite features. It also helps the case stay snug and almost becomes one with the phone; the lines are that seamless.

    Many of my old cases for my Android were large and textured rubber, which made getting it out of my pocket a hassle. Since I’m usually riding or spending time outdoors, I went for the most rugged protection. But what I really like about the Vapor Pro now that I made the iPhone switch, is how easy it is to handle. If I need extra protection, the Element Case comes with a larger padded zipper case to house the phone. I’ve been using on my rides the past few days to keep my phone safe from moisture and also store my ID and debit card/cash. See some close-up shots of the Vapor Pro below and browse the offerings of the California designed and crafted Element Case.


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