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  • Feedback Sports: Sport-Mechanic Work Stand

    feedback sports sport-mechanic bike stand

    feedback sports sport-mechanic bike stand

    As soon as I started commuting by bicycle nearly 5 years ago when I moved to Burlington, I wanted a stand that easily allowed me to work on bikes with fenders. Now I know what you’re thinking…WTF is he talking about? What do fenders have to do with anything and repair stands? Well, for 4 years or so while racing, I primarily used a Park Tools Team Race Stand (The PRS-20). This stand was designed to clamp the bike by the fork dropouts, saving your lightweight scandium or carbon frame from the evil carbon-crushing jaw clamp. However, it doesn’t play nicely with fenders. Plus, adjusting the quick release each time is a hassle.

    So for years I’d been dreaming of a repair stand from Feedback Sports, as one of my former team mates had one (of which I was secretly envious) and the other day I was lucky enough to receive a Sport-Mechanic model. If only my mind was read more often? Well, maybe not.

    Upon opening the box, I immediately ditched the setup instructions and had it up in 30 seconds. Very easy to fold/unfold, not to mention very lightweight for how sturdy it feels. One of my favorite features off the bat is the clamp which allows you to secure your bike by simply turning the dial clock or counterclockwise – simple and easy. I killed two birds with one stone here and decided to use this as an opportunity to install my MRP Chainguide. Check out the rest of my thoughts on the Feedback Sports Sport-Mechanic Stand below and get a closer look at the details!


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