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  • Wit Industries Fendor Bendor 3

    The other night I went out for a midnight thrash on my track bike and was met quite the downpour. Ok, scratch that. It was absolutely pissing.

    I took refuge under a bridge for a while on my way to a bar, waiting for the downpour to pass. I don’t mind riding in the rain, but if I’m going somewhere where I’ll be surrounded by pretty girls, I’d prefer to not have a coon stripe of Shanghai street grime running up my rear. After the rain passed, I continued on my way to the watering hole simultaneously watering my uh, arse.

    Wit Industries has the perfect solution for situations like this: the Fendor Bendor 3. I’ll definitely be picking one up and stashing it in my bag for the surprise storm. Did I mention it’s foldable? Brilliant.


  • Nisnas Industries Clip-on Wood Fenders


    Remember a while back I posted about a Kickstarter for Nisnas Industries? Well, since then they’ve gone to production making high-quality wooden fenders and they’re back with a new product: the clip-on wooden fender. Check out a full rear view below! I’ll be sure to let you know once these go to production and be sure to check out the rest of the offerings from Nisnas Industries.


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  • Recycled Skateboard Bicycle Fenders

    Skateboard Bike Fenders

    I’m a big fan of re-using and re-purposing; maybe it’s Vermont rubbing off on me? Regardless, being able give things new life has always brought a smile to my face. So when I saw these wooden bike  fenders made out of broken skate decks, I not only got inspired but knew I’d have to share my findings. Right now I’m looking at about 11 1/2 broken decks in the corner of my room, is that enough for some fenders?

    See more of Lindsay Holmes skate deck jewelry here at Maple XO -talk about an awesome concept! Maybe I’ll have to donate some wounded soldiers to the cause.


  • Winter Rides

    I knew there was something I forgot to do before I left. Fenders. Well I suffered a bit without them, and flatted, but managed to stay warm enough for an awesome ride.