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  • My Factory Five F550 Preview

    factory five f550

    I’ve been meaning to get out and shoot some detailed photos of my new Factory Five F550, but as some of you probably know, working for a small business is a time commitment and a half. Our shop has been so busy lately. We’re also slated to open the first indoor skatepark in Shanghai towards the end of next month, all while continuing our after-school programs and getting ready for summer camp. So yeah, things have been crazy.

    Amongst all the chaos, I’ve still been finding time to skate and have finally gotten back to shredding a bicycle daily! And damn, does it feel good to be back. Here’s a little preview shot of my latest build, the F550. Despite my limited budget, I managed to piece together a pretty decent build…especially when my goal for this bike was for it to be a sleeper.

    I took the Suzue Pro Max hubs from my Gan Well Pro, laced them up to some hard anodized H Plus Son Archetypes. In terms of drivetrain, I splurged a bit on the Factory Five lattice chainring (which I highly recommend) and fitted it to some standard black track cranks with some MKS pedals, Soma cages and All-City double straps. Up top, I’ve got a well-loved Fizik Arione saddle from my road bike, a Miche Super Type seat post, Ritchey WCS stem, Truvativ risers and a VP headset. It’s a pretty solid build and I’m very happy with the ride so far. Stay tuned for some detailed shots and if you’re in Shanghai and want to ride hit me up!


  • Gan Well Pro NJS

    njs gan well pro keirin

    gan well pro keirin

    Yesterday, we had quite the pleasant day here in Burlington, VT. No wind, no precipitation. Just sun, low 30s, and a calm lake – making for the perfect day to break the Gan Well Pro out and shoot some photos. I gave’r a cleaning and propped it up right on the edge of Lake Champlain. This has to be one of my favorite bikes I’ve owned. It’s always the first to travel with me and has seen its fair share of cities over the last few years its been in my possession.

    See the full album available on our Facebook page later today (probably around beer o’clock). Until then, I’ll be back on the commuter until the streets de-ice.


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  • Lavender Gan Well Pro

    Gan Well Pro

    Photos: Jessica Destoppeleire

    I love seeing the way others build up a Gan Well Pro. This here is Jessica’s lavender Gan Well, and it’s surely a proper build. Choice bell placement too!


    More at her Flickr.



  • It’s Good to Be Back

    So I’ve been riding my winter bike with studs around these past few long months, and for the first time in what felt like a lifetime, I got to bust out the track bike. Yeah, I know we’ve had some days here and there where it could have come out, but honestly I’ve been so busy finishing school, working jarbs, and trying to find time to ride that I haven’t had the time to break out the track bike for a proper ride until today. The streets in town are still a bit wet from snow melting (and it looks like we have 6+ inches coming Friday), but stay tuned for some more OG Culture Cycles content now that the weather’s starting to shape up.



  • Young’s Gan Well Pista

    Damn!  Saw this at Cycleangelo and I can never resist posting about Gan Well’s and Gan Well Pro’s. This belongs to Young of Surface NYC. Check out their website cause those dudes really have some hot-whips.

  • Beauties: Gan Well Pro | White Illusion Track

    p: Nick Hurley

    This is one fine Gan Well Pro. It would make a great match to mine; a “his and her’s” type of pairing. Make sure to take a look at all the photos here on  Mobius Cycle’s Flickr and heck out the build:

    Frame: Gan Well Pro EAI Show Frame in SE White Illusion paint
    Wheels: Rims by DT Swiss paint by SIK Werks built by Niki
    Dura-Ace High Flange Track Hubset
    DT Swiss Revolution Spokes (2.0-1.5 butted) cut in Switzerland
    DT Swiss/Paceline SE Chris King Pink anodized nipples
    Michelin (the very best there is) Pro Race 3 Rubbers
    Drivetrain: Sugino 75 Crankset in Black with 49t 75 Chainring
    Izumi “Super Toughness” Model V chain (with machine screw)
    Phil Wood 15t 1/8″ Polished Cog (Track Racing Only in Seattle)
    MKS GR-9 Pedals in black powder with Gunung Leather Uppers
    Toshi Single Laminated leather straps
    Cockpit: Nitto Jaguar Stem 10cm with Black Ano Nitto Track Drops
    Economy Black Seatpost
    and the cherry on top:
    Selle Italia SLR Gel Flow

  • Beauties: Gan Well Pro Track Bike

    Gan Well Pro

    I had a post recently featuring my Gan Well Pro track bike, but upon searching for the original post it couldn’t be found. So here it is again, Nitto b123 bars, Nitto Jaguar Pro AA stem, Suzue Pro Max hubs, Sugino Grand Mighty Cranks. I can’t wait for some dry/warm weather to ride this bike again.

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  • Night Rides



    We went out to cruise some parking decks and ramps the other night but were quickly kicked out. Luckily we decided to swoop through one more time to get a couple photos. Continue reading “Night Rides” »