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  • Faraday Porteur Bike

    faraday bike

    The new porteur bike from Faraday looks great! Designed by Adam Vollmer, it’s got everything you need in a city bike and nothing you don’t. Okay, well maybe you don’t need disc brakes or an electric bike in general…but if it gets more people to ditch their cars then I’m all for it. This is the best looking electric bicycle that I’ve seen. It comes standard with a porteur rack, sleek wooden fenders and a Gates carbon belt drive. Head on over to Faraday Bikes for more info on their electric porteur bike!


  • Budnitz No. 2 Titanium 650b Mountain Bike

    budnitz no 2 650b mountain bike

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably caught wind of the latest wheel-related phenomenon in mountain biking: the 650b aka 27.5”. For years and years I’d been perfectly content on my 26” hardtail, even giving a couple singlespeed 29ers a chance, however, nothing really held my attention like a good ‘ole 26” wheel; at least until just recently.

    I was given the privilege of testing out the Budnitz No. 2 titanium 650b mountain bike and let’s just say it was really hard to give back after two weeks of straight thrashing. The bike rides like a dream and is ridiculously light, weighing in at just 18 lbs. The 650b is a wheel size I’ve been curious about in regards to mountain biking for some time now, especially since I’m partial to a smaller wheel. A 29er has always felt a little cumbersome for me and doesn’t exactly fit my riding style. As a youth, I spent afternoons building jumps and riding a BMX bike, so once I transitioned to a mountain bike, my bmx instincts followed.

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  • Budnitz Bicycles: No.1 Titanium

    budnits bicycles no 1 titanium (1)

    budnits bicycles no 1 titanium (3)

    budnits bicycles no 1 titanium (2)

    photos: Liam Griffin

    The Budnitz Bicycles No.1 Titanium is their top-of-the-line, do-all titanium bicycle. A bike that’s equally happy as a daily commuter or a one-way tourer. This bike is already equipped with a belt-drive and begging for some daily abuse.  Though unlike the No. 2, this is equipped with 700c wheels. See the rest of Liam’s shots below and if you missed the first post about the Budnitz No.2, be sure to check that out.


    ps: I’m stealing internet from friends, so if posts are sporadic this week just check out our Facebook page.

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  • Civia Bryant Belt Drive Alfine Commuter Bike

    civia bryant commuter bicycle (1)
    This bike is a commuter’s dream; the Civia Bryant comes equipped with an Gates Carbon Belt driven, Alfine 8 speed drive train and with the ability to mount your collection of commuting accoutrements. Alan really set this commuter up right: the Tubus rear rack, Pass & Stow porteur rack, and Fenix L2D front lights complete the build. Read more about the build at EcoVelo, continue below for some detail shots.
  • Independent Fabrications: Belt-Driven Fixed

    independent fabrications belt drive pablove mixte

    independent fabrications belt drive pablove mixte

    “Every now and then I come across a part that makes me want to create a bike around it. It’s a round about way to do things, but it works for me.”

    ^Man, I think that’s every one of us. I remember holding onto a red-ano Chris King headset for 4 years in high school with no bike to put it on…until I moved to Burlington and traded it with a friend (still never installed). I always had plans of building a badass all-black townie with only a red King headset. Well, that never happened but the thought still lingers…

    Anyway, the Soma Cafe Racer handlebar inspired the folks at Independent Fabrications in the same way, except they actually followed through with a build (3rd photo below). This recent belt-driven fixed gear was another example of a just that; a bike built around a single component. In this case, a limited pink Gates Carbon Belt helped this belt driven fixed gear come to life.

    The bike features a limited pink Gates Carbon Belt made especially to raise money for the Pablove Foundation. Definitely check out the detail below, the shiny + combo makes for some real eye candy.


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  • Muse Cycles: Rhythm 29er

    muse cycles

    muse cycles 29ermuse cycles 29er

    Muse Cycles is hand crafted bicycle company out of Santa Barbara, California by Lyle Harlow – their motto is “Bicycles that inspire” and I gotta say I live by a similar philosophy. This Rhythm 29er is pretty inspiring to say the least. Have a look at more of Lyle’s hand built creations here.


  • Seven Cycles: Belt-Driven Cafe Racer

    seven cycles belt drive

    seven cycles belt drive

    seven cycles belt drive commuter

    As belt driven bicycles and the technology behind them continues to evolve, you’ll start seeing a wider range or manufactures/builders begin to apply the tech to their bikes. Lovely Bicycle recently put together a great post on the Seven Cycles titanium belt drive commuter / cafe racer and it’s definitely worth reading.

    I’ve been wanting to test out the Gates Carbon Drive myself one of these days but haven’t found the opportunity (or a good enough excuse for a new bike). That brings me to my next thought…

    If you’re from the Burlington, Vermont area and need a solid winter bike / commuter on the cheap – I got ya. Currently have a ’88 Mongoose ATB (4130 cromoly – hand built in Japan) w/ full Deore, 21 speeds, all the rack mounts you could ever wish for. I need to purge a bit in regards to my cycling gear and this guys gotta go – the perfect lock-up bike!

    I hope everyone had a great weekend/holiday/Christmas and that you have a safe and enjoyable last week of 2011.Thanks so much for your continued readership and helping keep Culture Cycles alive (our second birthday is coming up in just 5 more days).



  • Traffic Bikes: David’s Commuter

    traffic bikes david

    traffic bikes david Downtube

    traffic bikes david

    With the snow taking its sweet old time to fully arrive here in Vermont, it’d be a good time to consider your winter ride. Traffic Bikes commuter – specially made for David,  has some of the most sought-after commuting features. A belt drive is something I’ve been wanting to experiment with since living and commuting through the salty/snowy winters here in Burlington and I’ve had a “thing” for Rohloffs since building a handful of mountain bikes w/ them.

    Last winter at The Old Spokes Home they had the opportunity to test the Gates Belt Drive in snow. The suggestion made was to add a raised spine (center track) on the chain ring and groove in the center of the belt so that it doesn’t slip to either side when it gets snowy. Read this review from a Minnesota Bicycle Commuter here.

    “David” from Traffic Bikes was built early last fall and  isn’t pictured with the new Gates system, but what a gorgeous yet practical all-season commuter…I’ve always wanted a Rohloff! This custom commuter bike from Traffic Bikes features Reynolds 953 tubing, a Phil Wood belt and drivetrain, and a custom stainless steel rack w/ all the fixins. See more photos below and at the Traffic Bikes Flickr.

    Also featured on Eco Velo.


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  • Sneak Peak: Gates Carbon Belt Drive Prototype

    Improving on the bicycle chain is no easy feat, but this new Gates Carbon Belt Drive system seems to have accomplished just that. Check out the awesome and very insightful review at The Old Spokes Home blog.