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  • Brew Review #8: Great Lakes Eliot Ness

    great lakes eliot ness beer

    great lakes eliot ness beer

    Damn, well here’s the best amber ale I’ve had to date. I got to go visit my folks this past weekend in New Jersey and this Eliot Ness along with another beer from the Great Lakes Brewery were waiting for me. Being that my family and relatives are all originally from Ohio, I usually only get to drink Great Lakes beers during our annual pilgrimage to Cleveland for Thanksgiving. The beer is one of the more flavorful amber ales I’ve had; and by flavorful I mean fairly hopped with a grainy, slightly citrus-y finish. Named after the infamous prohibition agent, I imagine this would be one of my first choices of beer if this guy was reincarnated and somehow resurrected anti-alcohol laws for another 13 years. What I’m trying to say is it’s good.

    So if you happen to come across this beer, or any beer by Great Lakes I’d highly suggest grabbing a couple sixers. Check back for another beer from these guys next week and be sure so check out the other 7 beers I’ve reviewed.