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  • New York City Cyclists – Video Portaits Vol 2

    Really loving this concept here from Stay Alive Studios. I’m a huge fan of photo portraits, but video portraits give you an even better feel for the subject and their surroundings.

    #1 – Elizabethiz Power
    #2 – Greg Ugalde
    #3 – Angela Sorensen
    #4 – Brian Green
    #5 – Emily Edson
    #6 – Kevin Gutierrez
    #7 – Heidi Kamp
    #8 – Nemo
    #9 – Tess Davis
    #10 – Angel R.

  • Chicago CMWC: The World’s Fastest Bicycle Messengers by Kurt Boone


    Kurt Boone is launching his latest book titled Chicago CMWC: The World’s Fastest Bicycle Messengers. I’m a huge fan of Kurt’s. I don’t know about you, but growing up in the NYC area as a youth I’d always hear stories of messengers and Kurt’s name, along with others such as Kevin Bolger (aka Squid) became synonymous with the deep, yet tightly-knit community of bike messengers that make up New York City.

    Fast forward ten years and I’m still fascinated with messenger culture and those involved. My best friend from High School started his own courier service and I’ve met a number of great folks working day in and day out on their bikes in many cities across the US. Not to digress too much, but these types of books excite me. Be sure to check out some of Kurt’s other titles including Asphalt Warrior: The Story of New York City’s Fastest Messenger and Messenger Poet featuring illustrations by Greg Ugalde.

    I’m also a big fan of J Milligan’s Eggman.


  • Submit to the Urban Cycling Hall of Fame

    untitled(3)urban cycling hall of fame
    Calling for submissions! I’ll probably be compiling some extra spoke cards, flyers and such from our past 3 Monster Mash Alleycats here in Burlington, VT to send out to the Urban Cycling Hall of Fame. If you’ve got anything you think would fit nicely in the collection, read up on how to submit below:



    The Urban Cycling Hall Of Fame serves to spotlight the history and rich culture of cycling in the city. To date we have had hundreds of nominations for potential inductees, the window for this years nominations is closing quick. There will also be a physical Hall Of Fame that will be unveiled at Interbike and we are putting a call out to the community at large for submissions. These items can either be donated or put on loan, we are trying to build the larger collection of Urban Cycling Memorabilia in the world.
    Some awesome items have been collected so far, we have Lucas Brunelle’s entire spoke card collection (which is massive). We also have artwork from Greg Ugalde who’s fine work has graced nearly every major Alley Cat in NYC for the last decade including Monster Track. Brad from Urban Velo donated the first Ghost Bike Sign ever made. A wide variety of other items have been donated and we have Chrome’s RV out on the road doing Collection Sessions in major cities. 
    We are looking for items that tell the story in every city, from bicycle activism, to races and everything in between. The Hall Of Fame is for everyone, and we want to make sure everyone is represented.
    If folks have anything they are interesting in submitting for consideration it can be done by emailing your submissions here  or posting them on Instagram and tagging them with @UrbanCyclingHOF and the hashtag #uchof. We need to communities support in order to ensure that nothing is left out and the collection continues to grow over the years.
    Ride safe, keep the rubber side down