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  • One H.E.L.L. of A Weekend

    one h.e.l.l. of a weekend

    H.E.L.L. – Helping Everyone Live Longer, is a Boston-based bicycle safety group promoting safe cycling int he Boston area. They provide free helmets and information on riding in the city and believes everyone deserves to be safe, regardless of what they’re able to spend. I agree completely with their goals and wanted to pass along the word for our friend’s benefit show.

    February 24-26th is gonna be a busy weekend for our friends and local hardcore band Bullshit Tradition. On Saturday the 25th they’re playing the benefit for H.E.L.L., only to return the next night for their first Burlington, VT show (which I can’t wait for). Learn more about BST on their new site here – hopefully you can make it to one of these shows!


  • H.E.L.L. (Helping Everyone Live Longer)

    H.E.L.L. is a Boston based foundation which provides people with helmets in an attempt to promote cycling safety. I remember back in 2004 when this program got started to in memory of 2 cyclists, struck and killed within 2 weeks of one another, Gordon Riker and Kelly Wallace. I had met Gordon a few times and he was a super positive dude, and an incredibly talented artist, his death along with Kelly’s were tragic events.  The program disbanded in 2008, but thanks to Andrew Murray is now back in full swing.

    If you haven’t heard about H.E.L.L make sure you check out their new website at, give it a read and if you can make sure to donate.