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  • Gary Rothera Interview on Headset Press

    gary rothera cycling caps

    Gary Rothera makes some of the finest cycling caps you’ll come across. The good folks at Headset Press conducted a little interview with him recently – check that out here. I’ve never personally met Gary, but Hunt actually attended school with his sister and the last time we were down in the Philadelphia area two summers ago his parents were kind enough to let us crash at their house, which is just outside of Philly.

    Gary seems like a real standup guy; not only from reading this interview but also from the generosity and kindness of his folks. I remember we spent the first night at their place and were beyond grateful for the warm meal and couch space. Upon finding out we’d be in Philly for an extra night, they immediately extended our stay despite having to leave that morning to take Elizabeth back to college. Yup, we actually had the house to ourselves the second night…talk about some great and very trusting people.

    Get your next cycling cap from Rothera Cycling. While you’re at it why not make it a custom order?


  • Graeme Obree & The Land Speed Record

    Graeme Obree is one fascinating individual, recently he’s been working on a bike to break the land speed record for humans. Hear his thought process behind the bike and see how a saucepan become a support in his latest update from Humans Invent.

    Thanks to Headset Press for sharing.


  • Crayonfire: Tour De France Riders | Neil Stevens

    neil stevens crayonfire
    I saw these tour riders poster from Crayonfire the other day on Headset Press and had to pass them along. Image-maker Neil Stevens has quite the impressive collection of work; I especially like this set.


  • Quad Bike

    Quad Bike Print

    Illustration: Ben Steers

    Jamie at Headset Press picked up this rad print of Ben Steers Quad Bike; solid acquisition!