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  • ABUS Premium Helmet Line: Hyban & Urban-I v.2

    abus helmet

    You already know ABUS is one of the top dogs when it come to protecting your ride, and now they’ve set out to keep your head safe with a premium line of helmets.

    Born in Wetter, Germany, ABUS stands strong as Europe’s industry leader in commuter focused helmets. Committed to engineering innovative, high quality helmets since 1993, ABUS is proud to expand this fresh line to the U.S. With a mission to bring safety to recreational sports and everyday commuters, ABUS’s new line of helmets fuse rider safety and comfort into one innovative design.


    Fist up is the Hyban – a high end performance helmet that’s ready for the day-to-day abuse of urban cycling and commuting. It’s got 18 massive vents to keep your dome cool and is even equipped with 180 degrees of reflectors and a high mounted rear-facing LED light.


    Second, we have the Urban-I v.2 – a slightly more robust helmet made with commuters, city riders, touring cyclists and every day riders in mind.

    If you’re in the market for a new helmet or are looking for the perfect urban commuting helmet, I’d consider these new offerings from ABUS.

  • Specialized S-WORKS & McClaren TT Helmet

    s works mcclaren tt helmet

    This is right here is plain awesome. Specialized teamed up with the folks at McClaren to design the most aerodynamic TT helmet out there. Regardless of head positioning, this helmet is far more aero than a bald, helmet-less mannequin and is designed to show an identical drag profile no matter what the position. Read more about the Specialized S-WORKS / McClaren TT Helmet here.


  • H.E.L.L. (Helping Everyone Live Longer)

    H.E.L.L. is a Boston based foundation which provides people with helmets in an attempt to promote cycling safety. I remember back in 2004 when this program got started to in memory of 2 cyclists, struck and killed within 2 weeks of one another, Gordon Riker and Kelly Wallace. I had met Gordon a few times and he was a super positive dude, and an incredibly talented artist, his death along with Kelly’s were tragic events.  The program disbanded in 2008, but thanks to Andrew Murray is now back in full swing.

    If you haven’t heard about H.E.L.L make sure you check out their new website at, give it a read and if you can make sure to donate.