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  • Honest Abe Hardcover Ride Journal


    So recently I’ve been working on final projects, and these past few weeks I’ve taken a great liking to book binding. I’m proud to share this new journal created with a strong focus on cycling. I have used many journals in the past to track my rides, places I want to revisit and places I intend to go, the “Honest Abe Journal”, as I have titled it, is for just that reason.

    The journal is made of genuine leather, with a 100% recycled, acid free paper, hand stitched binding, and heavy durable outer with a leather strap for a writing utensil. Future editions will include area maps, trail suggestions, guides, and a list of bike shops in an around the area, as well as all the space you’d need for your own notes.

    I hope to make a few available for sale in our store in the next month, but if you are interested in one for yourself, fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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