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  • Ignoble Marion Backpack Review

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    A few weeks back I got this Ignoble Marion backpack in the mail and immediately fell in love with its blending of function and simplicity. Up until recently, I’d never heard of Ignoble but am always one to support US-made gear when I can. Ignoble is a LA-based bag and backpack company that focuses on style-conscious and thoughtfully designed bags to tackle the urban environment both on and off the bike with their bags being produced at a military-grade level.

    The Marion Tombs Backpack is an extremely light yet spacious pack, constructed of 200D Nylon with comfy shoulder pads and a large zippered main compartment. There are also a number of small stash pouches, organizers and a chest strap to help distribute the weight once fully-loaded. Speaking of which, this bag is all about volume with its ability to squeeze 29 liters of goods inside. At first glance, it may look a little too large to be for daily use. However, I’ve come to appreciate the extra space I’m usually left as it’s such a lightweight bag that I barely notice its size. Plus, I’ve been known to grab 6-ers on the way home from work and this bag leaves me just enough room for that and a loaf of bread (on top of all my other sundries).  I’d recommend this bag to anyone, especially if you’re looking for a versatile pack that’s game for the urban commute, whether on bike or foot. Check out some detail shots of the Marion below and be sure to browse the rest of Ignoble Bags offerings on their site.


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