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  • A Year Ago…

    firefly bicycles

    Since Culture Cycles is relatively young, I’ve just now started going back in time and exploring where we’ve been in our two short years of existence.

    February 2011 reminds me of Firefly Bicycles…”First there was Fat Chance, who forever changed the way steel bicycles were built, then upon their move out of Boston to Glen’s Falls, NY a new brand was born: Independent Fabrications. If you’ve been following IF recently you may know that they have made big plans to move to New Hampshire to do bigger and better things.”  That made way Indy Fab originals, Tyler and Jamie, to begin working as Firefly.

    Just one year later and look how many stunning pieces of art bicycle they’ve created…Here’s to one year down and another one easy, keep it up guys!


  • Inside: Independent Fabrication

    Independent Fabrication from Logan Hodson on Vimeo.

    A really nicely done video by Logan Hodson looking into the daily grind up at Independent Fabrications. Ever since they’d moved from Boston, I’d wanted to know what the new diggs looked like and this video confirms my predictions – they’re still on their game.


  • Independent Fabrications: Belt-Driven Fixed

    independent fabrications belt drive pablove mixte

    “Every now and then I come across a part that makes me want to create a bike around it. It’s a round about way to do things, but it works for me.”

    ^Man, I think that’s every one of us. I remember holding onto a red-ano Chris King headset for 4 years in high school with no bike to put it on…until I moved to Burlington and traded it with a friend (still never installed). I always had plans of building a badass all-black townie with only a red King headset. Well, that never happened but the thought still lingers…

    Anyway, the Soma Cafe Racer handlebar inspired the folks at Independent Fabrications in the same way, except they actually followed through with a build (3rd photo below). This recent belt-driven fixed gear was another example of a just that; a bike built around a single component. In this case, a limited pink Gates Carbon Belt helped this belt driven fixed gear come to life.

    The bike features a limited pink Gates Carbon Belt made especially to raise money for the Pablove Foundation. Definitely check out the detail below, the shiny + combo makes for some real eye candy.


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  • Independent Fabrications: Factory Lightweight

    IF Factory Lightweight

    NYC Velo‘s Bike of The Week for May 9, a Titanium Factory Lightweight from Independent Fabrication with a bad-ass paint job and top-notch componentry; I’m really digging the Sram Black Red grouppo and that top tube. See more below.


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  • Newly Independent: Firefly Bicycles

    First there was Fat Chance, who forever changed the way steel bicycles were built, then upon their move out of Boston to Glen’s Falls, NY a new brand was born. Independent Fabrications. If you’ve been following IF recently you may know that they have made big plans to move to New Hampshire to do bigger and better things.

    Today Tyler Evans and Jamie Medeiros, the IF’s founders, announced that they will be staying behind in Boston yet again and starting Firefly Bicycles. They’ll be building  both Road & Cross, Ti and Stainless bikes, with a bounty of options including SS Couplers, fender mounts and horizontal droupout (fuck yeah) all the information, as well as a fit kit, are available on the site.

    “From a really simple standpoint, we can and will make some of the world’s most impeccably designed and carefully built bikes, for both recreational and competitive use,” said Tyler Evans, Firefly’s founder. “We’ve brought in Kevin Wolfson, an incredible frame designer and super cyclist. We’re taking nothing for granted. The high-end, handmade bike customer has seriously high expectations, as they should. The handmade industry’s craft and quality have never been better and there are a number of great builders out there. I’m confident we will raise the bar. We wouldn’t be doing this for any other reason.”

    I for one cannot wait to see and hear more. Hot damn. Check out the new Firefly website here.

  • Beauties: Rapha Collection

    Rapha has just introduced a new section to their website featuring some beautiful hand built bicycles from builders we have come to know and love. Featured above is the Beloved Every Day Commuter, and below is The Continental from Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira. I’m really liking the headbadges on these. Head to the Rapha site for more from IF and Cinelli

    “Beginning January 2011 and for the next two years, Rapha has partnered with four masters of framebuilding to offer four distinct, hand-made bicycles. Each partner has been selected because of the mastery of their craft and passion for road cycling. With each partner we have created a model constructed uniquely for a particular style or purpose of riding.”

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  • Independent Fabrications to Move to New Hampshire

    p: Chris McCown

    I was reading a great article over at Embrocation just moments ago and it was the first news to me that IF’s majority owner Gary Smith has decided to leave their native land of Sommerville, MA and head a few hours north to somewhere in the Portsmouth Area.

    Good ole’ NH. Home of our friends at Bailey Works, legal fireworks, and zero percent sales tax. But what does this move mean for IF. Well for one, the last of the originals, LLoyd Graves, as well as key marketing and artistic mind Tyler Evans. However as much as change can frighten a lot of people, the work that IF has been producing over the last few years notably has been some of their best yet, and by upgrading facilities the prospect of more beautiful bicycles being built excites me.

    While as a Bostonian, I did take a certain amount of pride in having such a great company right in my backyard, I can’t wait to see what IF will be doing in 2011. And with so many great up and coming builders (Geekhouse, Icarus, and Royal H. to name a few)  in the area there will be no shortage of beauties coming out of the Commonwealth.

    We’d love to hear what you think about the big move, so don’t be shy with the comments.

    Read a great article to emphasize my point over at Embrocation Cycling Journal.

  • Momentum: Handmade Bicycles

    Independent Fabrication‘s Leah Pappas-Barnes got the cover and feature article in the Jan/Feb issue of Momentum magazine. Make sure to check out Momentum, they offer a nice eye into the self propelled lifestyle.