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  • The Hank Klunker Bike

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    Here’s a bike that’s guaranteed to get anyone stoked. Remember being a kid, wanting to go as fast as you possibly could, only to throw all your weight into the coaster brake to skid? Sometimes you’d come out unscathed, but more often (if you’re me), you’d end up with the #RubberSideUp. It didn’t matter how many times you ate it, you’d still pick that hunk of steel back up, throw your leg over it and pedal on. At least I did. I’d beat the living shit out of my coaster brake bikes, and that’s exactly what the guys at Hank Bike want you do to with their klunker-style, coaster brake mountain bike.

    This thing is engineered for good times and comes equipped with disc tabs, in case you get a bad idea like running it in a sanctioned mountain bike race. It’s also available in any color you want, as long as that color is raw steel or metallic purple.

    Six hundred and fifty B’s, a 73mm BB and the 1 1/8″ steerer will have you tracking like “Jay Springsteen on a handful of bennies.” Head over and say “what’s up” to Hank. If I were still living stateside, I’d already have one of these on the way.

  • Transition Bikes Klunking

    This Klunking video from the folks at Transistion Bikes gets a big HELL YEAH from me! The shotgun at 2:20 pretty much sets the tone for the rest of this short. Here’s what Kevin Menard, owner of Transition had to say: “Klunking is making a huge comeback and it’s a great way to experience your local trails on a totally new level. Our Klunker is ready to ride right out of the box, without any modifications, and it’s just as much fun riding trails as it is cruising around town. Once you start Klunking, you can’t stop.”

    Comeback? I don’t know. But I do know we had a little klunking party this fall. The only rules were you couldn’t spend any money on your bike and it could only have a coaster brake.


  • Vermont Klunking 2012

    Mountain Bike Klunking Vermont

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    This past Saturday our good friend (and my former roommate) Dan organized a little gathering out in Northfield, VT, centered around the idea of klunking down some Class 4 roads to pay homage to our mountain biking predecessors. The weather that day was extremely hot and pretty humid, although by the time we made it to Dan’s folk’s place the sun was beginning to retire, giving us the perfect opportunity to play horseshoes and drink a keg of amazing Harpoon IPA before descending some really hairy terrain on bikes with only a rear coaster-brake.  I gotta say, the beers certainly helped.

    As the sun began to set we rode/walked up this overgrown path that resembled an old smuggling trail, filled with ruts, rocks, water, mud, grass, ticks and a bunch of surprises you didn’t find out about until riding over them. We all took a few runs, then I posted up with my iPhone and documented some of the madness. Check out some more photos and continue reading below.


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  • Old School KLUNKING

    Man, the early days look like they were a blast! :51 “Klunking is muddy in the winter, and it’s dusty in the summer heh”. The Repack got it’s name from the inevitable post-race routine of repacking your coaster hub-’cause when you’re flying down from the top of Marin County that grease in your hub doesn’t stand a chance.