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  • Burlington Bike Polo: Last Stand (Again) Photos *More photos!

    Last Stand Burlington VT Bike Polo

    Liam and the Hardcourt Polo Crew as always, put on amazing events and this year’s Last Stand Bike Polo tournament here in Burlington, VT was no exception. Before this weekend, I hadn’t been too well-versed in polo regarding the rules, play and overall scene. But I gotta say, I had a great time watching the 5 Burlington and 13 outta-town teams duke it out! I’m coming out for a pick-up game with Norris and Hunt for sure.

    The vibe was great, weather was prime and there were plenty of folks both poloing and spectating. Coming from a background in cycling and a solid 10 years of hockey under my belt, I’ve realized polo is the perfect hybrid activity…Unfortunately this great court isn’t going to be around for much longer and the Polo Crew here in town (with the help of local roller derby gals the Derby Dames), are working to raise funds for a new court somewhere locally and hopefully that progress continues. I hung out down at the court Saturday and Sunday and snapped a few photos so have a look below.

    After each team played 5 matches, here are the final standings: Last Stand (Again) Standings.

    If you’d like to see some more, shoot an email: – I shot a bunch. *I’ll most likely update this post with even more as time permits me to sift through the rest, enjoy!

    EDIT: got the whole album up right here, feel free to share!


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  • Last Stand (Again)

    Last Stand Burlington Vermont Bike Polo

    The courts not gone yet and Liam’s gone done it again. Come out to Burlington, Vermont for July 9&10 and play some polo! For real, take a nice weekend off from wherever you reside and come hangout in Vermont for a couple days!