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  • Bike Crews and Levi’s Collaborate With Custom Trucker Jackets

    Levis Commuter Jacket Bike Crew Collaboration

    Levis Commuter Jacket Bike Crew Collaboration

    This may be old news to you, but if you haven’t had a chance to check out the entire Crew and Trucker Jacket collaboration, read the press release below with the tailor’s words from each jacket.


    The Levi’s® brand recently launched The Commuter that is optimized specifically for the needs of the urban commuter cyclist.  The Commuter is built around the 511® Skinny Jean and the iconic Trucker Jacket.   All Commuter products blend form and function by utilizing the most cutting-edge performance apparel technologies.

    Levi’s has teamed up with local bike crews, influential bike shops and individuals to create a unique collaboration project that integrates the creative identity of local heroes with the iconic Trucker Jacket.  The end result is a custom one of a kind piece of wearable art that symbolizes community and cycling.

    Read more about each garment below:

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