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  • Levi’s Skateboarding Now At FLY STREETWEAR


    Levi’s Skateboarding has officially landed in China. A little while back, my buddy Wang Di, Edan and myself went out to get some promo photos for Fly and Theo Paul Santana came along and shot the photos for the look book.

    We met up at Fly around 6:30, drank a few beers and then headed out to get some quick dinner before the night of shooting that was ahead of us. The day leading up the the shoot, Edan, my good homie and manager at Fly, hit me up with a few spots he thought would make a good photo. One of the spots he sent me was this perfect wallride, so I knew there was no pressure and that getting a usable photo would be relatively easy pending a hassle-free session. Wang Di didn’t really have a spot in mind, so we ended up at this bridge near The Bund, getting some “lifestyle” shots first.

    From there, it was off to get a photo of Wang Di first. We ended up way far off from the wallride spot I thought we’d be heading to; plus it was starting to get late. Wang Di stuck a few solid switch flips, then it was my turn. Instead of going to the original spot that Edan suggested, we ended up at this crazy looking marble wave with a decent gap.

    By the time I scoped it out, it was about midnight and the area was completely pitch-black. The only way I was even able see the start of the wave was thanks to a tiny LED light I had in my bag. I decided a boneless would be pretty easy and make for a quick photo, so I tried a couple and stuck one on the 3rd run up.

    Check out a few more shots below from the Levi’s Skateboarding Fall/Winter line and be sure to head on over to and Fly Streetwear if you’re in China!

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  • Levi’s Commuter Series – Fall 2013

    fall 2013 levi's commuter

    The Fall 2013 Levi’s Commuter Series is about to be released any day now, here’s a little preview at some of the goods you can expect. Continue reading below for a sneak preview on some of the offerings!


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  • Levi’s Commuter Bike Shop


    I’m diggin’ this a lot! Levi’s traveling bike shop is coming to Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Minneapolis and Brooklyn for free tune-ups, tailoring, bike valet and washing! That’s a deal if you ask me, especially the tailoring!

    More at: Levi’s Commuter


  • Bike Crews and Levi’s Collaborate With Custom Trucker Jackets

    Levis Commuter Jacket Bike Crew Collaboration

    Levis Commuter Jacket Bike Crew Collaboration

    This may be old news to you, but if you haven’t had a chance to check out the entire Crew and Trucker Jacket collaboration, read the press release below with the tailor’s words from each jacket.


    The Levi’s® brand recently launched The Commuter that is optimized specifically for the needs of the urban commuter cyclist.  The Commuter is built around the 511® Skinny Jean and the iconic Trucker Jacket.   All Commuter products blend form and function by utilizing the most cutting-edge performance apparel technologies.

    Levi’s has teamed up with local bike crews, influential bike shops and individuals to create a unique collaboration project that integrates the creative identity of local heroes with the iconic Trucker Jacket.  The end result is a custom one of a kind piece of wearable art that symbolizes community and cycling.

    Read more about each garment below:

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  • Levi’s Commuter Jeans: A Month Later

    Levis Commuter Jean

    So about a month ago I received a pair of Levi’s Commuter Jeans in the mail and was eager to see how they stood up to current quiver of pants. Despite the warm July and August temperatures here in Burlington, I still found those cooler days when wearing jeans made sense. Plus, the nights have been cooling off pretty quickly over the past couple weeks, giving me the perfect opportunity to test the reflective inner lining out.

    My first impression riding in these was that they were a little stiffer than most of my other pants (maybe it’s because I haven’t worn denim in a while), but after a few days of my daily commute and errands I found them to break-in like your favorite baseball glove. They hold their shape well and the added height in the back of the waist is a nice touch. Definitely a fan, thanks Levi’s!

    See some more features and photos below.


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  • First Impressions: Levi’s Commuter Jeans

    Levis The Commuter Jeans

    I got a pair of the new Levi’s Commuter jeans in the mail the other day and so far am really impressed! I’ve been wearing these for the past two days, working and doing my regular commuting/errands and I’m really starting to appreciate the small cycling-specific details the more I ride them. The integrated U-lock holster makes stashing the Mini-Evo even easier. Speaking of stashing things, there’s a zipper pocket above the two back pockets for keeping whatever fits comfortably. The stretch and extra length come in handy as well as the reflective seams; I felt a little safer cruising intersections last night. I also find the extra height in the back of the waist to be nice especially while riding.  So far I’m having good feelings about the new Commuter line from Levi’s. I’ll let you know what I think in another week after they break-in a bit.


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  • Levi’s: The Commuter

    I’ve been eying The Commuter line by Levi’s for a while now, watching it come together and it looks like their new 511-based Commuter Jean is gonna be a winner. Just look at all these well-thought out features:

    • Utility waist band – specially designed for u-lock storage
    • Higher back rise – providing additional coverage when riding
    • NanoSphere® Technology – applied to make fabric water resistant, dirt repellant and durable
    • 3M Reflectivity – 3M Scotchlite™ Reflective Tape on interior cuff offers high level of visibility
    • Sanitized® built-in hygiene function – for long-lasting protection against odors
    • Reinforced Fabric – in crotch, back pockets and belt loop for durability
    •  Performance Stretch Fabric – more stretchable for added mobility and comfort
    Anyone grab a pair yet? What do you think?