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  • Chrome Industries & Orange 20 Pop Up Shop in Los Angeles


    If you’re in Los Angeles, here’s a great event coming your way this Friday, November 22 from the good folks at Chrome Industries and Orange 20 Bikes! Man, I wish I could be out there, I love Van Styles’ work. More info below:

    Chrome Industries is coming to a city near you and that city is Los Angeles. We are beyond stoked to be partnering with Orange 20 Bikes to bring you a one-of-a-kind pop up HUB, Chrome_20. 

    Chrome_20 is a shop, a gallery, a finish line, and a space for the people of LA to share their favorite spots in the city.  Join us November 22nd, 7-10pm as we kick off a month long of events starting with our opening party featuring The Streets of Chrome, a street photography installation curated by Van Styles with photographs from Van Styles, Sagan Lockhart, and Jefroe Grell.

    In conjunction with the Streets of Chrome exhibit we are launching #Wrenched_LA, an ever changing, interactive Instagram wall of all of Los Angeles’ hidden gems and hot spots brought to us by you. Who knows LA better than the people who live there? No one.

    Chrome20 will have a complete selection of Chrome Industries gear for sale throughout the holiday season. Come for the booze and stay for the party, this is just the beginning of Chrome_20.


    4357 Melrose Ave

    Los Angeles, CA 90029

    Open Daily: 11/22 – 12/22­

  • Ciclavia 2013 / LA Bike Cult: STOOPIDTALL

    This is absolutely ridiculous…I have no idea how you’d get off this thing, and I sure wouldn’t want to bail on it either. Fourteen and a half feet to the saddle!


  • Wolfpack Hustle Unified Title Race Series 2013


    The latest from Chrome and Wolfpack Hustle:

    Thousands of racers will ascend on and crash the Los Angeles Marathon race course in the dead of the night to compete in one of the most toughest urban cycling races known to man. Chrome has partnered with Red Bull to bring the Wolfpack Hustle Unified Title Series to the next level of urban racing. This is just the first stop of the three race series that will span over several months including a LA Crit, and the 6th St. sprints. Only one man and one woman will be immortalized as winners of the official sacred dog tags which will prove their endurance, speed, and power.

    If you’re west coast, be sure to check this series out!


  • White Canvas Project LA: Death Spray Custom

    death spray custom

    death spray custom

    The White Canvas Project is coming to Los Angeles for its second round and will feature the works of Leba, Food One, Koffinz, Memuco, Death Spray Custom, David Walker & SheOne – I can’t wait to see some coverage!

    The event takes place on February 24th at the iam8bit gallery in W.Sunset, LA.

    Oh yes – Death Spray Custom, one of my favorites, has this way of consistently blending art and functionality into anything he works on; much of which has to do with 2-wheeled mobility.  Just take a look at some of DSC’s work here.

    “A dose of dry wit and automotive urethane paint is the chosen medium for DSC (Death Spray Custom). Brought up in Wales on a diet of two wheels, DSC often works in themes of subversion and desire, often in the world of mobility. The results are simple, striking and shiny pieces of work that purposefully blur the lines between art, brands and consumerism.”

    Check out the video from the first four-day paint jam and get an idea of what to expect (if you’re luck enough to be in LA for this).


  • Last Men Riding Trailer

    Trailer – Last Men Riding from Last Men Riding on Vimeo.

    This looks like it’ll be a good watch. I’m excited to see some more about the messenger scene out in LA.