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  • Affinity Anthem Track Bike

    Affinity Cycles Anthem hero FFWD

    I’ve always been a fan of what the guys over at Affinity Cycles have been doing. Not only are they pushing track bikes and urban cycling, they also look out for their city, raising money for Rockaway Beach after the NYC storms alongside the Wu Tang Clan, sponsoring both local and national track racers and supporting the Red Hook Crit.

    I’m excited to share the Affinity Anthem track bike. It’s the latest bike from Affinity and it’s made in Brooklyn! A lot of heads were put together in the making of this frame…The design comes from Jason Gallacher of Affinity and is built by Thomas Callahan of Horse Cycles. All materials have been USA sourced as it’s composed of True Temper OX Platinum steel. The proprietary seat post wedge was co designed by Aaron Panone of 44rn. The paint was done in house by Ben Falcon paint works and is available in Bubble Gum Blue and Metal Grey.

    If you’re interested in one of these bad boys, head over to the Affinity Cycles Anthem page and be sure to checkout some detailed shots below.

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  • Van Dessel Hellafaster


    Hell yeah! This right here is so rad to see.

    Back in 2007-2008 I worked for Edwin at Van Dessel, building and shipping customer’s bicycles. At the time we were shipping hella bikes, and the most popular being the Hellafaster.

    Fast-forward a few years and the ever-popular Hellafaster is being made stateside, in Portland, Oregon. This definitely surprised me as much as it stoked me out.

    Pictured here are a few snaps from Dan Chabanov of his freshly-built Hellafaster.


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  • CHROME PRO SERIES for Professional Messengers

    NEW Chrome Pro Series Gear: Built for and Tested by Professional Bike Messengers. from Chrome Industries on Vimeo.

    The folks at Chrome are always pushing the envelope and stepping their offerings up. Sure, you can always find a way to strap odd or over-sized items to your bag, but the extended cargo net on the new Pro Barrage backpack is pretty genius. I’m already a huge fan of my Barrage backpack and its cargo net; hell, I use it almost daily. Whether it’s for strapping a skateboard, stinky pair of shoes, 6 pack or whatever really…it’s nice knowing I can always carry a bit more.

    The Pro Barrage is legit though. A durable roll-top backpack with a split shoulder strap, EVA foam backing and a removable PE stabilizer tray to keep those food deliveries from being squished. It’s also made in the USA. For more info, be sure to head over to Chrome Industries and learn all about the new PRO SERIES line including the Pro Chest Harness, Pro Utility Belt and Pro Accessory Pouch. Have a look at all these new products in detail below!

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  • Argonaut Cycles & Strawfoot Handmade Tool Roll

    tool roll

    Ah man, I love me a good tool roll. Argonaut Cycles recently worked with Strawfoot Handmade on creating this simple, elegant and durable tool pouch. Created with domestically produced waxed cotton, nickel plated buckle and a leather strap, these tool rolls are more than capable for the long haul on your favorite bike. They’re as perfect for stashing in your jersey pocket as they are for strapping to your saddle rails. Stash a spare tube, some Co2, cash or whatever else you fancy.

    There were only 50 made, so swoop before they’re gone!

    Here: Argonaut Cycles Bigcartel


  • Ruckus Composites Launches Frame Raffle, Proceeds To Benefit Female Cycling

    Talk about an awesome cause here! Read up more below, and be sure to purchase your raffle ticket for a chance to win a repaired frame from Ruckus.

    Ruckus Composites is a Portland Oregon based Carbon Fiber repair business, repairing thousands of bikes a year for customers, bike shops and frame manufacturers. Every so often a bike never gets picked up, and ends up in the dead pile. For several years we have been wondering what to do with these lost souls, this year we cracked the code. Working with local and national non profit organizations as well as grass roots cycling teams, Ruckus will repair and custom paint these bikes and raffle/auction them off to raise money and awareness for causes that we believe in. The proceeds from these frames will go directly to organizations in need, the bikes will go to the lucky winners of the raffles.

    The first two frames will be raffled in support of Presented By Let’s Race Bikes (PBLRB). PBLRB is a Oregon based project dedicated to supporting and enabling elite female cyclists to compete on a national level. They are breaking down the financial barriers associated with professional cycling by offering support to female athletes through crowd sourced initiatives. PBLRB has raised money to date with support from The Athletic and Sellwood Cycles in Portland OR. We are excited to work with them and proud to support their efforts in cycling.

    To enter the raffle, you can purchase tickets online here, the raffle will end on June 17th. We will announce the winners and total amount raised for PBLRB on that date. Tickets can be purchased for 25 dollars a piece, or buy 3 for 60 dollars. Tickets are tax deductible(?) and the money raised goes directly to supporting the wonderful and talented women of Presented By Let’s Race Bikes. All the details about the project can be found here.

    About Ruckus Composites: Founded in 2008 by Shawn Small, Ruckus is a Portland OR based company in dedicated to all things carbon fiber. From frame repair, to custom add on’s and after market products that complement repairs and the longevity of carbon fiber bicycle frames. Now with several employees and seeing massive growth, Ruckus is the leader in Carbon Repair in the cycling industry working with direct customers, bike shops around the globe and nearly every major frame manufacturer in the industry.
    Learn more here:
  • Hemetic Trading Co. – Kickstarter | Made in USA Backpacks & More

    Some of my friends from back in Burlington have a great thing going on. As you probably know, I’m a big proponent for American-made goods; even more so when my friends are involved. Hemetic Trading Company is doing it right.

    It’s well known that there are tons of brands out there pushing out products taking classic design cues from popular American brands, that catch is that they’re often adorned with a “made in China” tag. Hell, I’m more aware of it now more than ever after moving to China 3 months ago. You can literally buy a knockoff of anything you want here, and the quality is terrible. Even worse, many of these imitations are stitch-by-stich ripping off products that took blood, sweat, tears and countless passionate hours to create.

    So if you’re like me and want to support quality, honest and original products, do me a favor and help my buddies at Hemetic out over at their Kickstarter. They’re putting up some pretty amazing gifts for your support.

    To show them love, head over to the Hemetic Trading Co. Kickstarter and give what you can! Keep up the amazing work guys!


  • Introducing Makers and Riders


    Again, sorry for such a lapse in posts! Gearing up to move to the opposite end of the world isn’t exactly easy…Anyway, what better way to get back into the swing of things than by introducing a new cycling apparel company? I’m hyped to introduce Makers and Riders, (formerly Nonetheless Garments) Chicago-based producers of high quality cycling apparel made in the USA.

    Man oh man, If I was planning on staying in Vermont I’d definitely be picking up a pair of the 3-season Epodic NeoShell Weatherproof Trousers…these things look so damn warm! Have a look at a few details below and make sure to check out all the offerings from Makers and Riders.


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  • Chrome Barrage Cargo Rolltop Backpack Review

    chrome barrage rolltop backpack

    The Chrome Barrage Cargo backpack is real gem. I’ve been running this back daily for the last three months and it’s really impressed me. Sure, Chrome has a huge variety of bags for all purposes, but the Barrage is one of the best all-arounders I’ve tried out. This bag isn’t for messin’, no. Instead it excels as a day pack, perfect for toting your daily sundries while leaving you plenty of room for whatever you may pick up along the way.

    On the exterior of this US-made backpack, you’ve got a webbed cargo net that is perfect for holding all sorts of items, including a helmet, a stinky pair of shoes, beer you don’t have room for in your bag, and even a skateboard. Well, especially a skateboard. Like I said, it’d the perfect day bag. Day-to-day I’d find myself carrying my 15″ Macbook pro, a pair of skate shoes, water bottle, tool roll, lock, deodorant, windbreaker and a few other items. Even with all this junk I carry, I’ve still got room for a sixer on the way home. Check out a few narrated detail shots below and if you’re interested in the Barrage Cargo Bag be sure to head over to your local bike shop, Chrome Hub, or Chrome Industries.


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