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  • The Quiet Leaf Issue #3 Teaser

    The Quiet Leaf is a quarterly independent skateboarding publication that is based out of Seoul, Korea. Back in August I met the owner, Jin, while skating and hanging out in Seoul and he turned me onto this project of his. Issue 2 was rad! Can’t wait to check out #3. If you’re in Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, France or England, check out the stocklist and pickup the latest issue at your local shop (Hey Jin – let’s get some of these in at Fly!?). In the meantime, enjoy my buddy ZZY in this quick teaser for issue #3.

  • The Albion 16

    The 16th issue of The Albion is out today. Love the cover art? Me too. Head on over to the Albion site for an interview with Mat Waudby, the man behind the cover.


  • Tweed Ride Photos in Thread Magazine

    tweed ride vermont

    In case you haven’t grabbed the latest issue of Thread Magazine yet, you should. Here’s a little preview of a few photos by Brent Harrewyyn from The Herringbone Tweed Ride.


  • Bicycle Traveler Magazine

    Bicycle Traveler magazine

    Have you checked out Bicycle Traveler Magazine yet? If you’re planing or fantasizing about an international tour, it’s a must-read. Bicycle Traveler is an internationally-focused, online magazine magazine focused on telling the stories of epic cycle tourists with equally stunning photography to boot. Download the current issue here or subscribe here – it’s free! I’m currently enjoying the current issue, and working my way through the back issues.


  • The Ride Journal

    the ride journal

    the ride journal

    the ride journal

    Love the mission statement here: “The fact that you’ve made it here shows that you love bikes and are looking for something different to the other magazines and journals out there. That’s good because that’s what The Ride Journal has been created to be.”

    The Ride Journal is a collection of photographic journeys accompanied by the stories of cyclists from all discplines. They’re a unique sort of publication in that their focus is really on the ride and the passion for adventure, as opposed to focusing on a particular type of riding or bicycle.

    Check out more here, they’re even offering free downloads of their back issues. Some amazing stories and photgraphy…I may have to subscribe!


  • Boneshaker Magazine

    Boneshaker magazine

    Boneshaker Magazine

    Everyone’s been super busy lately and the main thing that’s been eating my time this week has been the seemingly endless process of moving out (while trying to find wifi). I’m not moving anywhere far, just across town in Burlington. But, while doing so I’ve been going though a lot of my old magazines that I’ve been saving over the years and in a few days they’ll all be moving with me again. It looks like I’m gonna have to make room for a few more at the new place too because I just came across Boneshaker Magazine and will be ordering a couple issues (once I get my new address).

    Have a look at their site here and if you’re still heavy on the mag swag grab an issue!


  • Blotto in Jordan

    Blotto just posted a few spreads from the Spanish magazine Solobici. You may remember some of the photos we posted previously, well make sure to head to his site to see the rest of the spreads, and some more fantastic photos.