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  • Another Great Weekend

    Photo Mar 30, 1 38 01 PM

    As I mentioned earlier, Hunt and I were down in the city over the weekend catching up with some old friends and checking out the Red Hook Crit. My longtime buddy Josh was overly hospitable, as always, and let us crash at his one bedroom apartment along with Marc and Chas who were out to race from California.

    The weekend was a blast. I saw a few old friends that I hadn’t seen in at least seven years and shot a bunch of photos of the race. It was also my Country Road Bob’s first trip to the big city, although I’d been kicking myself for not bringing the track bike as I usually do. Where are the photos you ask? Well, I’m exhausted to be honest, and just got around to sorting/editing them last night. We got a bit of a late start on the road Sunday and didn’t end up in Burlington until after 2 am – so yesterday I was barely functioning by the end of the work day. Stay tuned for those photos this evening. In the mean time, here’s a little Instagram snap of Chas, Josh and Marc as we were heading out to Red Hook for the pre- qualifiers.