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  • Chrome Industries: Massan Barrage Cargo Video

    Remember how hyped I was about the Massan video that dropped last Friday on the Chrome Industries site? Well, now you can watch it over and over and over again; right here. Sure, it was put together to promote the Barrage Cargo backpack that I recently reviewed (which, of course, I’ve still been using day-to-day and love), but the cinematography here is absolutely incredible. It also goes without saying: the riding is nuts! Massan is a king on the track bike and bombs Burnside 40+ mph with ease. Enjoy.


  • Massan For Chrome Video Release Event!


    Oh man, this is gonna be good! If you’ve ever seen Massan ride, you know that this video is going to be full of shredding. If you’re in Portland and are free tomorrow, be sure to check out this video premiering at the Chrome hub at noon west coast time!


    Chrome Industries announces the live screening of its first short film this Friday, December 13th at noon west coast time. Chrome will temporarily take over its website for the screening from 12:00 to 12:30 pm. The Chrome Crew worked with Portland natives Kamp Grizzly to document Massan Fluker taking his track bike and Chrome’s new Barrage Rolltop to the hills and bridges of Portland. The final 3 minute short includes some of the best riding Portland has to offer including an epic decent of Burnside at +40 mph. Set your phone alarms for noon this Friday to catch the live screening. Spread the word.   

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  • Chrome De Haro Windbreaker

    chrome de haro windbreaker

    Chrome Industries has just released their latest addition to their growing line of apparel/outerwear, the De Haro windbreaker. This lightweight, rip-stop jacket is packable and equipped with side venting with two-way zippers to keep you cool and reflective cuffs so you stay visible. Windbreakers are a staple for late night summer cruises, which is why I can’t wait to get my own De Haro to try out. Head on over to Chrome for more info or to grab our own. Happy Friday.


  • Fly or Die: Massan Fluker

    massan fluker

    Ever since I first saw Massan riding (via web edit), I not only became extremely inspired…but also scared for the dude’s life. The man’s riding with an angel on his shoulder for sure, and if you didn’t know any better you might think he’s out on a death-wish, but that certainly isn’t the case. This guy is the epitome of fluid control and emulates the rider all of us on track bikes strive to be.

    Anyway, the folks at Western Civ Magazine caught up with Mr. Fluker and got him to answer a few questions, see what he’s got to say here.

    Hmm, I think I’ll ride my track bike to work.