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  • Paul Klamper Mechanical Disc Brakes


    Finally! While I’ve never had issues with BB7s, I’ve always wanted to see Paul take on a mechanical disc caliper, and well, it’s actually happened.

    Nearly 20 prototypes later, we have the Paul Kramper disc caliper body. A few notable features separating the Krampers from the rest of the bunch include: larger ball bearings to help increase smoothness and pad travel, hardened steel pins locating the pad actuator, hardened steel contact area between the balls and ramps as well as a flat needle roller thrust bearing as opposed to a plastic thrust washer.

    I myself have mostly kept my mountain bikes equipped with hydraulic brakes, but only due to EP pricing I was fortunate to have access to in the past. I haven’t setup a new mountain bike in years, but if I were to build up a mountain bike tomorrow, I’d definitely look to a set of Klampers. I’m so over bleeding brakes. Plus, I’m more likely keep a set of quality mech’s perfectly dialed.